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Picking Perfection News Magazine Explored Warehouse Order Fulfillment Sectors

Picking Perfection News Magazine Explored Warehouse Order Fulfillment Sectors


East Granby, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- The current issue of Picking Perfection, a weekly e-news, discussed warehouse order fulfillment sectors which most benefit from Pick to light (PTL) solutions. These sectors include eCommerce and mail-order, apparel and footwear, automotive aftermarket parts, food, beverage, and grocery, pharmaceutical, health and beauty, consumer goods manufacturing, value-added and customized products, retail, and vending.

The September 29th issue of Picking Perfection, examined how logistics is becoming a competitive area for companies with the development of technology and the increasing globalization. Companies which deliver quickly and accurately gain competitive advantages in the market and gain market share. New trends in the supply chain subsequently impact the operations at warehouses. Supply chain trends with great impacts on warehousing, include increasing customer power, change of customer order profiles, and consolidation of warehouses.

Other topics include how to avoid a mis-pick. In very fast-paced operations, a weight variance check may be sufficient information to release an order, based on the dimensions of the box and all of the items that should be packed. If an order is supposed to weigh 10 pounds and weighs 1 pound over or under that target, it should get diverted to the weight variance check area, where the barcoded shipping label is scanned with an RF gun and a worker will review every item in the box.

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