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Picking Perfections Reports Pick to Light Technology Best Material Handling Solution

Picking Perfections Reports Pick to Light Technology Best Material Handling Solution


East Granby, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2014 -- Some of the best material handling solutions move the unit to deliver all parts within an order. Parts are brought directly to an operator at an ergonomic work station. Pick-to-light technology, directs the operator to the exact pick location and displays pertinent order information such as the part number, part description, and quantity to pick. Eliminating the operator walking and searching for parts increases worker productivity. Integrated software allows for the part databases to be synchronized automatically. This includes part additions, deletions, and supersessions; reducing the time to process physical inventory from weeks to days.

Often companies do not achieve maximum productivity potential due to barriers imposed through fixed zone picking methods. Best picking practices, across a variety of industries and channels, breakdown productivity barriers associated with fixed zone picking activity. The result is a lean manufacturing process where workload and staff balancing to improve both productivity and flexibility.

Picking Perfection, a weekly e-newsletter, shares methods, modes, and tools used in a variety of industries. The weekly newsletter will examine best picking practices. Leaders are looking for a competitive advantage, have dynamic and experienced sales forces, and have a corporate culture which is customer-focused and intent on building long-term relationships with satisfied customers. This is spoiled when a single product is not correctly picked.

Picking Perfection brings important and interesting information to those in the material handling, warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing sectors. From best practices to industry data, this weekly communique reports trend data, process improvement, and technology evaluations about picking, packing, shipping and profitability.

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Pcdata USA Pick-to-light systems are part of a lean process, offering shorter throughput times, fewer errors, significant cost savings; additionally the result is increased customer satisfaction, a faster ability to supply products, and process transparency. Traditional picking methods are one of highest expenses when operating a warehouse. Pcdata USA lowers that cost through leading edge Pick-to-light systems. Pcdata USA installation versus implementation products are experiencing huge growth in hundreds of business sectors throughout North America.

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