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PickStar by Pcdata Means No More Weight Checks Required Due to Easy Installation


East Granby, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- FlexiForce designs, manufactures and supplies components for manufacturers of overhead doors. FlexiForce installed a pick-to-light system from Pcdata and achieved fewer picking errors and shorter turnaround times. The positive experience of pick-to-light in Barneveld, Netherlands, gave FlexiForce every reason to introduce the technology at their rapidly expanding operation in Hungary.

No more weight checks were required. One notable difference between the two operations was FlexiForce opted for PickStar, the simplest and easiest to install of Pcdata solutions. In Barneveld, the company uses Distrib PTL, a more comprehensive software package with a wider range of functionality in the field of pick-to-light. Hans Lubbers, general director of FlexiForce Nederland, shared, “When we decided to implement pick-to-light in Barneveld, PickStar was not yet available. However, this solution is much easier in terms of implementation and considerably cheaper.”

Explaining the choice for PickStar, FlexiForce does not miss the additional functionality of Distrib PTL in Hungary. “The only difference with the system in the Netherlands is the absence of the integrated weight check. In the Netherlands, scales are integrated at the end of the roller conveyor which calculates whether we picked the correct amount based on the weight of each product. However, after many years of experience, we found that the pick-to-light concept is reliable to the extent that this weight check does not provide any added value. It is only seldom that the scales detect a picking error. So we can easily do without the support of a weight check for PickStar,” noted Lubbers.

Pcdata USA, a global logistics systems leader for supply chain automation, has more than six hundred systems successfully installed in more than thirty countries worldwide, and offers affordable both out-of-the-box solutions.

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Pcdata USA (http://www.pcdatausa.com) is a different type of Pick to Light because unlike expensive WMS solutions that require lengthy implementations, PickStar and Distrib XE are quick one-day installations. Pcdata USA is a global logistics systems leader for supply chain automation. Pcdata USA offers affordable out-of-the-box warehouse optimization solutions. Pcdata USA will be exhibiting at Booth #4834 at MODEX in Atlanta, GA on March 17-20, 2014. Follow Pcdata USA on Twitter @pcdatausa.

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