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PicsWeb Serves as a Large Image Gallery on the Internet


California City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- PicsWeb, reputed image gallery on the internet, has millions of images to offer users from its database. The great collection of images that PicsWeb dishes out is accessible to all. The website uses their own proprietary technology in order to search the web for suitable pictures and creates searchable index of pictures. The website also constantly updates its database with fresh content and also in response to the queries of users. The results are displayed from an index from where users can access the picture.

The website states, “PicsWeb offers its users a massive database with constantly updated fresh content and in response to user’s query, we return highly relevant results from an index with market leading family friendliness.”

The users have the liberty to choose pictures from the popular topics option which displays the trending images. A list of topics is also given to facilitate easy browsing. Further, the advanced search option of PicsWeb image gallery ensures that users can search for any specific topic they want images for. A short summary comes along with every category of image which makes it easier for folks to get information while searching for images.

PicsWeb functions by providing the user a set of thumbnail images which are comprehensive and accurate as well as sorted based on their relevance in order to save time. The image search engine is known for the family friendliness that it imparts due to the advanced filtering systems of the website.

Emphasizing the usability of the image gallery for school, business, families and fun, PicsWeb states, “PicsWeb has a family friendliness that allows children to surf in safety as all offensive material is filtered out by our advanced filtering systems.”

The image search engine consists of images of specific topics like concepts, personalities, subjects, events, places, products, companies, books, movies, comics, cars, sports etc. Only results for specific searches are displayed on PicsWeb. The images are categorized according to size as well such as icon, small, medium, large, very large as well as wallpaper size, while ‘all size’ displays images of every size.

For more details, visit the official website of PicsWeb.

About PicsWeb
PicsWeb is one of the largest image search engines on the internet which provides users access to millions of images and pictures available of the database of the website. The great collection of images is accessible to all. Proprietary technology is used by PicsWeb in order to crawl through the internet and create searchable image indexes. The website also updates its database regularly with fresh content and also as responses to queries of users. The images available from the website are family friendly, making the website user-friendly for all, without any concerns. Only specific searches will yield optimum results on the website.

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