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Pie: Compelling New Book Tells True Feel-Good Story of an Inspirational Old-Brown Horse

When his days as a working ranch horse were over, Pie was sent off to be sold or destroyed. However, with so much left to give, Pie continued to pile up many amazing achievements in the second half of his life. Now, for the first time ever, his inspirational true story is being told via an insightful new book.


Arlington, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- The relationship between humans and animals still boasts a powerful and primitive connection. In the case of Pie, a working ranch horse, nobody imagined the life-changing effect he’d have on everyone he met during his long and happy retirement.

Still alive to this day, and written from his point of view, Pie’s amazing and inspirational story is told in ‘Pie: An Old Brown Horse (That Knows What He Is Doing)’.


“This is the story of a twenty five year old ranch horse that was injured and pretty much left to die. He was brought to a stable and sold, even though no one really expected him to survive. He was reborn into a merchant of hope. His amazing spirit and calmness have helped many people over the next 13 years as he became the most amazing mentor and therapy horse. This is Pie's story as he tells it about the most amazing second chance at life and his travels through it.

You will meet his person, a shy young girl who he helps grow into adulthood. He will introduce you to the other horses and people that helped shape his journey. His influence has known no bounds throughout this last 13 years and he continues to shine his light even at the ripe old age of 38.

This is a feel good story about life, love, second chances and giving back.”

As Pie’s owner explains, his story needed to be told.

“He has had such a positive influence on all around him. A lot of times when you read about an old exceptional animal they have passed away, says Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo, but not Pie, he continues to influence all those around him as he enjoys his later years.”

Continuing, “Pie is still with us and doing fine. His story is inspiring and puts a warm spot in the hearts of all who read it plus, he is quite entertaining in his descriptions!”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“I saw this book sitting at the counter at my local feed store, read the back of it and decided to buy it.. Boy am I glad I didn't pass it up! This is the type of book that has you catching yourself smiling and grinning while reading it, it's an all-around feel good book. Once I finished reading it I had to go back to the first few pages to learn what the characters were, simply because I couldn't get enough of Pie's life story,” says Jordan, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another reader, J. Warren, was equally as impressed. They said that, “This is an excellent book for all ages, but especially for the horse lovers of the world. Pie, who tells the story in a horses perspective gives an excellent view of how great life is the second time around. Wonderful book! I highly recommended it to all my family and friends.”

As Scaramuzzo attests, Pie really is one-of-a-kind.

“I have spent many years working in alternative education and in rescue groups. Pie really stands out as one of the great ones. He has touched so many people in such a positive manner,” she concludes.

‘Pie: An Old Brown Horse (That Knows What He Is Doing)’, published by Outskirts Press, is available on Amazon: http://amazon.com and It is also available on http://www.barnesandnoble.com

About Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo
Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo is a seventh generation Texan. She has taught in alternative schools for over 20 years. Ms. Scaramuzzo is a member of the Strathmore’s 2012 Who’s Who. She has also worked as an animal behaviourist for more than 28 years. She has trained dogs professionally for over 20 years. She has run a therapeutic riding program for autistic children for 5 years. She has been a tester/observer for a therapy dog organization for nine years. She has worked with dog, cat, horse and snake rescues for over 20 years. Her life philosophy has been influenced by her professional training as a criminologist, which taught her that there is a light of hope in even the most disheartening of cases; sometimes all it takes is someone to see it and help it along.

It is important that we all give back what we can to maintain the balance of a civilized society.