Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic to Offer Unique Chiropractic Methodology


St. Petersburg, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- A famous St. Petersburg chiropractor clinic of Dr. Pierce, also known as Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic offers unique and effective methodology known as Advanced Orthogonal.  A case study about this unique and successful application was published by the Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research journal. The study revealed how this chiropractic methodology has relieved a 16-year-old girl from migraine headaches. The Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research is a known medical journal publication that serves as a reliable source of news on traditional and conservative chiropractic. This has been entertaining manuscript submissions that explore all aspects of chiropractic most especially the upper cervical.

The Advanced Orthogonal procedure is non-invasive and precise. It provides patient with consistent and gentle treatment for rectifying subluxations of the upper cervical area. Subluxation typically means misalignment or slight dislocation. Medical experts also state that subluxation is a biomechanical malfunctioning of the spine’s vertebral joints. These scenarios lead to nerve roots irritation branching of the spinal cord and passing between every vertebra. This irritation leads to dysfunction and pain in muscle and organ tissue and at the same time produces a neurologic imbalance affecting the body’s normal processes.

The Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic adopts the most effective techniques in order to provide a satisfying and effective chiropractic care or treatment. Their exclusive Chiropractic Services include patient education, weight loss, supportive therapy, vitamin supplements and Gene DNA/SNP. Their education center offers life-changing classes that are open for the community. Lots of individuals cling to this clinic for effective treatment and relief. Patients have held positive testimonials that prove the efficacy of their method.

The Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic is a reliable clinic that offers compassionate, loving and supportive chiropractic care to all their patients in St. Petersburg and the entire Tampa Bay area. This clinic has been serving the area since 1968. The clinic is the best chiropractor in St. Petersburg that is dedicated to helping patients stay healthy and find relief naturally and effectively.

For more information feel free to visit their website For inquiries call them at (727) 528-8700.

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