Pikavippiz.fi Looks to Expand Its Short Term Loan Site to the US


Helsinki, Finland -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2012 -- The credit crunch is a worldwide issue. As well as the economic downturn, it has made it incredibly difficult to obtain a personal loan. While the economy has recovered somewhat, banks are still very reluctant to lend out money, especially if the prospective borrower doesn’t have an absolutely spotless credit rating. However, many “payday loan” websites have sprung up in order to provide loans to those who have been refused by banks.

One related site that has recently gotten a lot of attention is Pikavippiz.fi, a Finnish payday loan and finance information website. Pikivippiz.fi has gathered an excellent reputation for providing information about the various short-term loan options that are available for customers in Finland. The site has been such a success an English language version is about to be launched targeting the US market.

A spokesperson explained:

“Our site has proved very useful to Finnish borrowers and we were looking to expand. The US seemed the obvious choice as the financial market is similar and our research shows our offering would be popular in that market.”

Pikavippiz.fi contains vital information about a wide range of reputable short term loan providers, and gives enough details for site visitors to choose the best loan company for them.

Most of the loan providers featured on Pikavippiz.fi give instant decisions, and in many cases the full cash sum is transferred over within fifteen minutes. The sites mentioned tend to make loan applications very simple, with a speedy application process that doesn’t involve huge forms to fill in.

A spokesperson for the website said:

“The credit crunch is a worldwide issue, and while some nations have been more badly affected than others, nowhere has been completely impervious to the economic downturn. The Finnish economy has actually stood up better than some, but it is still very difficult to get any kind of personal credit from a bank here. In common with most countries, our banks will only give out loans or an overdraft facility to individuals with flawless credit ratings. This has made it incredibly difficult for Finns to cope with life’s little emergencies. Sometimes people just need a short term loan to make ends meet until their next pay day. That’s where we come in. We’re dedicated to showing people where they can obtain a short term loan, even if their credit rating is less than perfect. We feature a large number of different Finnish payday loan sites (known in finnish as Pikalaina or Pikavippi). All the sites mentioned on Pikavippiz.fi make obtaining a loan incredibly simple. They all have different requirements, but they all tend to look upon loan applications much more favorably than banks do.”

About Pikavippiz.fi
Pikavippiz.fi is a Finnish payday loans and finance website, providing information about short term loans to people across the whole of Finland.

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