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Pilates Tokyo Features Sessions by Prima Ballerina Haruno Yamazaki-Shannon


Tokyo, Japan -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2015 -- Pilates Tokyo can take many forms to ease pain, rehabilitate injuries and improve performance. Tokyo Physio offers one of the most diverse and extensive range of physical therapy services and clients can avail themselves of the expertise of prima ballerina, Haruno Yamazaki-Shannon, who is also an expert in clinical Pilates and yoga.

Launched in 2002 to serve the needs of Tokyo's English speaking population, the practice specialises in endurance sports, sports injuries, post-operative care, clinical Pilates, sports massage and women's health. All therapies are evidence-based to ensure quick healing, fast results, and continued functionality. The exercise technique is safe for pregnant women, addressing pain and discomfort as well as conditions associated with breastfeeding.

Clinical Pilates has a multitude of therapeutic uses within physiotherapy. Classes are offered in small groups of no more than three or as individual sessions depending upon the needs of the individual. Tokyo Physio maintains a fully equipped Pilates studio to meet any need patients may have and the therapy can be combined with other methods for maximum results.

The exercise method provides core and pelvic floor strength, increases stability and enhances balance. It can be gentle or vigorous, depending on the patient's requirements and abilities. Pilates Tokyo includes a focus on breathing, control, posture and flexibility that's beneficial for relieving pain, promoting movement, and improving functionality for those engaged in sports and the performing arts.

It's an effective treatment for those with injuries and who require rehabilitation. The movements of clinical Pilates are beneficial for those with a wide range of chronic diseases that affect the musculoskeletal and neurological systems, along with the lungs. Each management plan is developed to address the specific needs of the patient.

About Pilates Tokyo
Pilates Tokyo provides patients with the means to address chronic conditions, alleviate pain, and provide rehabilitation for sports injuries, musculoskeletal and neurological diseases. The exercise program is administered by world famous ballet dancer, Haruno Yamazaki-Shannon, an expert in yoga and clinical Pilates.

The clinic maintains offices in Tokyo, Niseko, Hakuba, Nazawa and Singapore. For more information, call 03 3443 6769 or visit Tokyo Physio online.

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