Pilates4Physio Combines the Benefits of Pilates and Physiotherapy Into One


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2017 -- Pilates4Physio focuses on providing viable treatment options for people with over-use injuries, sports injuries, acute and chronic pain. The company uses a unique method of fusing together the science of physiotherapy with Pilates.

Rehabilitation Pilates is ideal for many common musculoskeletal injuries. It helps correct movement and muscle imbalances while increasing flexibility and strength. Physiotherapy utilizes various manual therapy skills to help alleviate pain and address the underlying causes of injuries, as well as reducing the symptoms associated with acute and chronic conditions.

By fusing together these two methods, Pilates4Physio combines sports massage, athletic taping and advanced manual therapy to provide a unique approach. Rehabilitation Pilates is provided using the classic equipment, so that gradual strengthening can occur without over-loading the healing tissue. Rehabilitation research for many musculoskeletal conditions supports active movement and strengthening as the most effective treatment. Here are some examples of conditions/injuries that can be treated with physiotherapy and Pilates.

- Knee Injuries
- Hip Injuries
- Foot Injuries
- Ankle Sprains
- Pinched Nerves
- Shoulder Pain
- Neck Pain
- Lower Back Pain
- Tennis Elbow
- Rotator Cuff Injuries/Strains
- Sciatica
- Carpal Tunnel
- Whiplash
- Muscle Strains
- Chronic Pain

One of the most progressive areas of research is the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Pilates4Physio is one of the few clinics applying this research to its treatment methods. It is important to manage acute injuries well, with adequate rest and a revised training or activity program. The tissues need to calm down and then build back-up again. With prolonged pain, sometimes the tissues remain sensitive even though the initial damage is healed. Treatment involves desensitizing the tissues to break the chronic pain cycle. Exercise and education on pain management are key to this approach. The Pilates equipment is ideal as it gradually exposes the tissues to progressive loading without triggering a pain response.

For additional information about Pilates4Physio and the company's unique pain and injury treatment methods, please feel free to visit their official website at http://www.pilates4physio.ca or contact registered physiotherapist Damian Wyard by phone at 647-499-6685.

Pilates4Physio is excited to offer people in the Toronto area a unique treatment method for addressing sports injuries, over-use injuries and painful conditions. The approach combines Pilates on the classic equipment and manual physiotherapy techniques.

About Pilates4Physio
Pilates4Physio was founded by Damian Wyard MSc PT. He started the company from a model he developed over 5 years ago when he introduced the concept of combining Pilates with physiotherapy. His clients at the time quickly saw the benefits of this approach as it addressed the underlying cause for their injury or condition. Damian is considered a leader in this field and continues to provide viable treatment options for people of all ages suffering from painful conditions and injuries.