Pimp Charming Publishes Texting Tips to Help Aspiring Ladies' Men Craft Alluring Messages

Pimp Charming has finally revealed his best-kept text messaging tips. Until now these killer techniques have remained top secret, but with the release of his new article men can learn how to create unstoppable attraction via text.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2014 -- In the modern age an increasing amount of communication is performed textually as opposed to vocally. In instant messaging this is more organic, but text messages have length and speed limitations that create problems. In fact, it is often said that to text is the best way to be misunderstood and misinterpret others. When it comes to seduction, texting can be a minefield, but this ambiguity can also work as an advantage, creating intrigue and mystery when composed correctly. Pimp Charming has produced a new guide explaining how best to use texts to create insane levels of attraction in women.

The editorial contains secrets that promise to ‘supercharge your text seduction skills’, and leads in with a few general pointers before revealing a top secret numbered list of foolproof techniques that can prevent common failures and encourage success.

The PUA text game article identifies three things to do and three things not to do when texting, which include things like always texting with a defined end goal in mind, switching to a phone call to enhance contact when the time is right, and never ever sending explicit pictures or sending disproportionately sized responses.

Pimp Charming explained: “The key thing with texts is not being explicit right away. Texts are an ambiguous medium and that’s a good thing - girls spend more time thinking about the meaning of texts, which means more energy invested in thinking about you. Done right, texts can drive women to distraction, and then they’ll need to see you just to get you out of their head, which is when you can start to make headway in getting them into bed. The tips and tricks I’ve published in this guide are just the beginning, more information can be found in podcasts and endorsed pick-up artist courses, all available direct from the website.”

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