Pinchajii, Provider of Premium Chinese Tea, Reports Record Sales of Their Tea Gift Box


Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 --, a company that is dedicated in sharing the Chinese Tea culture by offering premium Chinese tea at affordable prices, has recently reported that their special product the Tea Gift Box has seen a substantial increase in sales since the beginning of the year. The company further informed that the Tea Gift Box’s success is due to the fact that the gift is suitable for business clients or employees as it is packaged to be presentable and impressive. Pinchajii currently offers 6 different types of Chinese tea and is also a wholesale distributor of their tea.

The media spokesperson of Pinchajii quoted on the recent success of their product, “Since the beginning of 2013 we are seeing record sales of nearly all of our items especially the Tea Gift Box. The Tea Gift Box was designed to leave an impression which is a requirement when offering gifts to important clients. The gift is also a huge hit for congratulating employees for their efforts and accomplishments. At Pinchajii we are currently offering 6 different types of tea. Most people are aware of the Chinese green tea however there are other great flavors that offer delightful aroma and exquisite taste which a tea enthusiast must really try.”

Dong Ding Oolong, Amber Red Oolong, Oriental Beauty Tea, Four Seasons Oolong and the two popular Chinese green tea the Jasmine Pearl Green Tea and the Long Jing Green Tea are the types of tea offered by Pinchajii. Details of each of the products are given on the company’s website along with a recommendation for whom the specific tea is most suitable. Furthermore perfect brewing instructions are also provided to achieve the optimum experience out of these exceptional teas.

The company stated that they are also a wholesale tea provider and can offer large quantities of any of their flavors. The company further informed that their teas have become popular amongst restaurants and hotels in Melbourne mainly due to the fact that that their products are carefully picked and tested by their professional such that there is no compromise on quality. Pinchajii concluded that they maintain a high benchmark of their tea quality as they want to represent the Chinese tea culture with the highest prestige.

About Pinchajii
Pinchajii is a company based out of Melbourne that provides premium quality Chinese tea. Through their online platform,, the various types of tea offered by the company and information regarding the culture of Chinese tea can be viewed. The company is known for having an elite testing staff, with experience of over 30 years, who ensure that the tea is of upmost quality.

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