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Pincus Elevator Company Announces Customized Elevator Services in NJ


West Chester, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- Until recent years, having an elevator in a residential home was extravagant and were not commonly found until today. Elevator installations in Pennsylvania have gone down in price significantly and they have become more likely to be found in residential homes. The standard elevator one may be use to seeing is the typical stainless steel doors opening and closing in office buildings or hospitals, but Pincus Elevator Company believes it doesn’t have to be that way in the home. Any customized elevator services in Philadelphia can now be created, and the Pincus Elevator Company continues to install thousands of residential elevators every day.

Not only does Pincus Elevator supply elevator installations in Pennsylvania but they also offer maintenance services that are to ensure one’s customized elevator is in good working condition. If there is ever any problems a technician will be sure to address one’s elevator to make sure it is working properly so no accidents occur. When homeowners rely on them it makes it important for elevator maintenance in NJ to increase the longevity.

The technicians at Pincus are proud to install these elevators for those who need the assistance in moving around their home. They have also become a great selling feature for homeowners. Not only can residential homeowners benefit from these customized and maintenance services but also small businesses that need to have access for everyone.

About Pincus Elevator Company
Pincus Elevator Company started with elevator installation and maintenance throughout the city of Philadelphia, eventually expanding its territory to include Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. As business expanded, the Pincus Elevator Company relocated to a new headquarters with office, shop and warehouse in West Chester, PA. Since 1953, they have provided many elevator services in the tri-state area and proven to be one of the most successful elevator companies in PA. For more information, visit