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Pincus Elevator Company Now Offering Custom in-Home Elevators


West Chester, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- Founded in 1953, there aren’t many elevator companies in PA that can bring the wealth of experience accompanied by Pincus Elevator Company. With over six decades of experience, Pincus Elevator Company has been serving residential and commercial customers with all of their accessibility needs. Along with new installations, Pincus Elevator Company also provides elevator maintenance in NJ, PA, DE, and NY. Now, Pincus Elevator Company is offering custom in-home elevators.

When it comes to accessibility in the home and convenience, there really isn’t a better solution than installing an elevator. Gone are the days when in-home elevators were reserved for the super-rich. In fact, Pincus Elevator Company can offer homeowners a variety of affordable options. Currently, Pincus Elevator Company is installing Inclinator elevators. The Inclinator line of elevators can be fully customized to fit the needs and style requirements of each individual homeowner.

The signature elevator manufactured by Inclinator for residential customers is known as the Elevette. The Elevette is available in four different standard models. The 500 series is top of the line and comes equipped with a powder coated aluminum frame and acrylic paneling. The 400 series is sophistication at its finest and features solid wood paneling. The 300 and 200 series are also tremendous options for in-home elevators and come standard with hardwood veneer paneling.

All of the standard series can be customized to the owner’s preference. However, Pincus Elevator Company can help homeowners fully customize an Elevette elevator from start to finish. There are thousands of options available, including materials, colors, and finishes. All of the Elevette models are available as in-shaft or no-shaft elevators. Installing an in-home elevator is an exciting process and Pincus Elevator Company will be there every step of the way.

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Pincus Elevator Company started with elevator installation and maintenance throughout the city of Philadelphia, eventually expanding its territory to include Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. As business expanded, the Pincus Elevator Company relocated to a new headquarters with office, shop and warehouse in West Chester, PA. Since 1953, they have provided many elevator services in the tri-state area and proven to be one of the most successful elevator companies in PA. For more information, visit