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Pincus Elevator Company Now Offering Custom Residential Elevators by Inclinator


West Chester, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Elevators are certainly not a common household item. However, over the past several years the affordability and practicality of residential elevators has improved dramatically. A residential elevator is no longer a commodity for the wealthy. In fact, Pincus Elevator Company is now installing various custom elevators by Inclinator at surprisingly affordable rates. Homeowners can choose from various different models and sizes to best suit their needs.

Homeowners can benefit from an elevator installation in several ways. One of the greatest benefits of a residential elevator is the added convenience. Whether a homeowner is moving in new furniture or simply bringing in a load of shopping bags, an elevator makes transporting these items much easier and safer. Another added benefit of a residential elevator is the increased accessibility. Homeowners can rest easy when a handicapped friend or family member is visiting. Additionally, homeowners can add monetary value to their home by installing an elevator. Buyers are often drawn to a home with such a convenient feature.

Along with providing elevator services in DE, Pincus Elevator Company can install Inclinator elevators in new construction homes and existing homes. Inclinator elevators do not require a machine room and can be installed with no shafts. One of the most versatile residential elevators is the Inclinator Elevette. The Elevette comes in four different car styles and each style can be customized. Again, these elevators can be installed with or without a shaft. Car sizes can range up to 15 square feet for a shaft elevator and 12 square feet for a no-shaft elevator. The Elevette can suit any homeowner’s aesthetic tastes, with various customizable features including hardwood finishes, aluminum finishes, and many different color options. Customers should contact Pincus Elevator Company about Inclinator elevators and any other residential elevators.

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Pincus Elevator Company started with elevator installation and maintenance throughout the city of Philadelphia, eventually expanding its territory to include Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. As business expanded, the Pincus Elevator Company relocated to a new headquarters with office, shop and warehouse in West Chester, PA. Since 1953, they have provided many elevator services in the tri-state area and proven to be one of the most successful elevator companies in PA. For more information, visit