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Pincus Elevator Company Now Offering Modernization Services for Commercial Properties


West Chester, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Most existing businesses and commercial properties have some sort of elevator system already installed. Furthermore, many new businesses and commercial ventures will be required to install an elevator to remain compliant with the American’s with Disabilities Act. Businesses also want to offer customers and clients the most convenient means to move throughout a property. Elevators have become a staple in places like hotels, malls, and office buildings. However, just like everything else in the modern age, elevator technology continues to advance and evolve. Many properties may have an out-dated elevator and could benefit from modern technology, capability, and appearance. Now, Pincus Elevator Company is offering commercial customers the ability to modernize elevator systems.

Elevators have become expected by many customers and clients. The advances in technology have allowed elevators to become an increasingly convenient and efficient means of transportation within a building. In fact, some emerging technology could soon revolutionize the way elevator’s work within larger commercial properties. Recent advances have led elevator manufacturers to capitalize on touch screen and smart software capabilities. Now, instead of the traditional dual button system, elevator users can select floors from a touch screen. Utilizing logistical software, elevator users will bundle users into a group that will direct them to an elevator with passengers traveling to the closest floors.

Of course this is an example of advanced technology that could be applied to a large commercial property; however modernization includes a variety of services. Everything from aesthetic upgrades to total remodeling, Pincus Elevator provides elevator services in DE, PA, and NJ. Pincus Elevator can help customers modernize existing elevators, install new elevators, and provide maintenance for all elevators. Make sure to ask the staff at Pincus Elevators about any and all questions.

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Pincus Elevator Company started with elevator installation and maintenance throughout the city of Philadelphia, eventually expanding its territory to include Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. As business expanded, the Pincus Elevator Company relocated to a new headquarters with office, shop and warehouse in West Chester, PA. Since 1953, they have provided many elevator services in the tri-state area and proven to be one of the most successful elevator companies in PA. For more information, visit