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Pink Iphone Cases Launches Latest Rankings of Unique Iphone Cases

Pink Iphone Cases Remains Dedicated To Their Quest For Uncommon Iphone Cases


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2013 -- Statistics reveal a current number of iphone owners in excess of 1,500,000,000, with these figures expected to surge exponentially with each new iphone model released to the public. As technology advances, consumers are becoming progressively reliant on their iphones during their daily routines. With this in mind, Pink Iphone Cases has launched their latest rankings of the most unique iphone cases.

Jim Sartek of Pink Iphone Cases confirmed, "The public depends on their iphones for countless reasons; after all, iphones are truly micro computers, capable of providing all the same functions of a laptop while fitting comfortably in a pocket or purse. Whether owners look to their iphones for games and keeping up with social media websites or to run their entire business from any location, they need their iphones to be protected at all times. The selection of cases featured on our website is as diverse as those who own iphones."

"Our website includes the coolest iphone cases on the market," continued Sartek, "Given the number of iphones, all of which are practically identical, many of today's iphone users wish to reflect their own style and personality through an uncommon case. For those, we present a range of cases designed by Gucci and created through the collaborative efforts of a number of other top designers. Featuring sturdy aluminum construction, our Lucien Elements Together series is inlaid with beautiful Swarovski crystals in a half-heart shape. Perfect for couples, these cases offer an interlocking concept. Other popular materials for case construction include the Grove Damask bamboo, both black and organic tan leather, crocodile, mother of pearl, simple and sleek titanium, genuine Ziricote wood and a number of other elegant, stylish components."

Sartek went on to say, "Of course, we present the individualistic Bluefoot model, the Horror design, featuring a ghostly facade emerging from the cover itself, and the simple functionality of the basic, black case. We also display models that reach above and beyond the general protective standards. Perfect for those in the construction and industrial fields, as well as those who lead an exceedingly active lifestyle, the most durable pieces are designed to help iphones withstand submersion and impacts with any type of surface. The most durable iphone case is constructed to endure repeated abuse. For those with more elaborate tastes without a limited budget, the most expensive iphone cases available are manufactured using 18k gold, silver and other precious metals combined with genuine diamonds, rubies, emeralds and the complete selection of extravagant gemstones."

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Developed by a group of "i" enthusiasts, Pink Iphone Cases is a website paying tribute to the most exclusive iphone cases throughout the world. They are dedicated to showcasing items ranging from the most functional to the most elegant. They invite the public to join them on their quest for the coolest iphone cases available to the public.