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Pinnacle Minds Founder Sets Guinness World Record


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- Sancy Suraj, who heads the renowned memory training company Pinnacle Minds, etched his name in the Guinness Book World records for memorizing the longest color sequence. This is an impressive feat for Sancy Suraj, whose mark of 160-colors sequence left in the dust the previous record of 100 colors set in 2011.

The color sequence is randomly generated on a computer screen at a rate of 2 seconds per color. What makes Sancy Suraj’s feat even more impressive is that afterwards he wrote down the color sequence without missing a color—a perfect score!

The score has since been verified by Guinness World Records, and Sancy goes into the record books a very proud man. The recognition helps his memory training company too, as it puts his company on the global scene, and instils confidence in young clients looking to develop their memory skills.

“We are proud of Sancy and his world-record setting performance today. Such a feat excites us, and gives those enrolled at Pinnacle Minds the confidence in their abilities” said Sophia Eldridge, head of corporate services.

Running under the mantra “Master the art of memory,” Pinnacle Minds caters to students or corporates interested in learning more about the brain’s memory abilities. The mission of the company is to impart lifelong memory improvement skills through the company’s cost-effective educational model.

Founder Sancy Suraj’s World Record will boost the image and working of Pinnacle Minds. Already well established, Pinnacle Minds also recently won the Most Promising SME Award of 2013 in Singapore. Pinnacle Minds has set the sky as its limits.

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