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Pinnacle Pest Control Unveils California Ant Agenda and Warns Homeowners


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2013 -- According to recent survey results released, ants are the number one pest in homes and the top reason people call on pest control companies. The results of the survey came as no surprise to Pinnacle Pest Control ( spokesperson Jim Lopez who said they field dozens of calls a week from worried home and business owners regarding ants of various types.

Says Lopez, "Ants will always thrive wherever they can find excess food and water. It's up to us to make conditions unbearable for them to solve the problem. We are committed to providing our services using the IPM (integrated pest management) concept, which incorporates all aspects of pest prevention including inspection, exclusion, mechanical and chemical control techniques, all while utilizing minimal amounts of environmentally sensitive products."

Lopez explains ants can enter through the smallest of cracks looking for water, sweets or greasy foods in the kitchen areas of the home or pantries. Additionally, says Lopez, "Ants leave behind a trail containing pheromones for other ants to follows after they have located the source of food. Then, the ants can nest in various locations around your home, in the house, walls or under the foundation of your house. The colonies can number upwards of 500,000 and live as long as fifteen years."

While many homeowners first try do-it-yourself treatments, Lopez warns against it. "These types of approaches will only get rid of the ants you can see. The home remedies will not take into account for the different types of ant infestations that require various treatments. Instead, it's recommended you use a pest control company to take care of your infestation." Professionals, says Lopez use pesticides lasting at least 60 days versus store products which could last as little as only 30 minutes. Additionally, a professional company will allow you to get on a maintenance schedule of on-going treatments to prevent future ant infestations.

The bottom line, says Lopez, "No store bought remedy is going to offer you a guarantee. At Pinnacle, for example, we offer a guarantee of our services. If a pest problem surfaces in-between your regular service intervals, we’ll be back at no charge to you – guaranteed. If a company isn't willing to do that, you shouldn't be doing business with them."

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