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Pinnacle Media Marketing Hones Social Media Management Services

Pinnacle Media Marketing continues to refine and hone social media services.


Henderson, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2012 -- The power of social media marketing in the modern marketplace is undeniable at this point. The instant recognition and interaction encouraged by popular social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus can both generate new patronage and maintain a consistent and favorable relationship with an existing customer base. With multiple platforms, each with their own unique fans and users’ small businesses and major ones alike can struggle with instituting a solid social media department. The first few weeks of a social media campaign sets the tone for the business for years to come. Proper reactions to criticism and feedback are also vital, particularly in the initial few weeks of a business. These areas are where a fine tuned social media service like the one developed by Pinnacle Media Marketing can be absolutely vital.

The Social Media Management service offered by Pinnacle has been refined and honed to maximize results for clients while minimizing both cost and difficulty. Pinnacle has offered successful online PR campaigns, blog campaigns and both targeted and regular social media for businesses of all sizes. With specialized cross promotion and visibility boosts across all networks Pinnacle keeps the campaign active and engaging a varied audience. Keyword monitoring paired with reputation management makes the most of the service providing immediate response and invaluable critical data with a professional focused eye and response to comments in real-time. For more information on Social Media Management by Pinnacle Media Marketing click here.

“I contacted Pinnacle Media Management to get a general feeling and rate quote and ended up deciding to try them out. I saw a major increase in storefront traffic and some great feedback about making my parking lot more accessible to customers. A year later and I couldn’t be happier with my Social Media and I barely touch the computer.” –Ed Martin