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Pint-Sized Film-Makers Prove There Is More Than Holiday Cottages in Cornwall


Cornwall, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- Two seven-year-old children from West Cornwall have shown that there is more than holiday cottages in Cornwall by winning an award at the Ecotales Film Festival this past week.

Solomon Brighton and Jemima Smith got the idea to enter the festival, which specializes in ecologically-minded film productions, after the former came across it during a research on plastic pollution.

According to the children themselves, the reason for this particular research was linked to Jemima's parents, which both work in areas affected by this type of pollution: the girl's father owns a surf school, while her mother works for the Zoological Society of London.

To make the project come true, Brighton and Smith then enlisted the help of Solomon's father, a professional cameraman, responsible for shooting and editing the film. As supporting actors, the duo roped in a few of their friends, while the music was composed by Solomon himself, using a popular music-editing software.

The plot, such as it is, follows the children and their friends as they find and pick up plastic items, first inside a house and then along a beachfront. According to Solomon's father, the mantra of 'it's plastic!', repeated throughout the film, has caught own among the group, with members uttering it somewhat frequently.

This was the film that so impressed judges at the Ecotales festival (among them TV presenter Michaela Strachan) that they decided to open a special category to reward Solomon and Jemima's efforts.

As such, while they did not win in the under-10 category, the children still received an award and got to pose for a photograph alongside Sir David Attenborough.

According to both sets of parents, the children were extremely committed to this project, and have gained a new appreciation for the importance of recycling plastic.

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