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Pinterest Marketing 101 - The Best Pinterest Marketing Ideas to Help You Get a Pile of Cash

In his new book, Pinterest Marketing That Doesn't Suck, Michael Rogan shares tips and strategies to navigate this popular, but often misunderstood, social network.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- Pinterest marketing might be the hottest new marketing topic since "Just Pay for Shipping and Handling."

But can all those Etsy handcraft pins and Gucci purse pinboards actually move the needle on your business. (And make your money.)

Well, according to Michael Rogan, author of the new book ”Pinterest Marketing That Doesn’t Suck" the answer is a resounding YES.

Pinterest Marketing Facts and Fiction

It turns out Pinterest has one huge marketing advantage over rival social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Pinterest users are buyers...big time.

"People don't just pin photos of pretty stuff," said Rogan. "They buy twice as often as users of other social networks. And when they do buy it's for double the amount that Facebook and Twitter users do."

Rogan believes it's because of Pinterest's unusual visual interface, and uncanny ability to let users express their inner creative artist.

"Pinterest is all about users expressing who they are, and who they want to be," said Rogan. "And if you can focus your Pinterest Marketing efforts towards linking your product to people's aspirations, not just their consumer habits, then you can boost your bottom line."

The Risks of Pinterest Marketing

This doesn't mean Pinterest marketing is easy. "It requires some commitment, especially early on when you don't have many followers or pinboards. And it also helps if you know how to create pin-worthy content that doesn't just sell, but also inspires."

And just because Rogan offers simple strategies marketers can follow to create pin-worthy content in his new book, he warns not every business is an ideal fit for Pinterest marketing.

"Pinterest is still a female-dominated social network. So if you got something that won't connect with the ladies, you may want to look elsewhere."

But despite the warning, Rogan is very bullish on the future prospects on Pinterest and its marketing potential.

"We are in super early days of Pinterest. So, I think my best Pinterest marketing tips could be summarized as: just start. Now! And figure things out along the way."