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Pioneering New TMJ Temporo Mandibular and Jaw Joint Treatment Without Surgery


Dubai City, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2021 -- Professor Dr. Luis Gavin – a leading international Speaker, Consultant Dentist and Maxillofacial Surgeon from Spain – has developed a pioneering new treatment for TMJ Temporo Mandibular and Jaw Joint after dealing with hundreds of patients each year.

The effectiveness of TMJ Temporo Mandibular Joint and Jaw joint treatment with platelet-rich plasma, botox and joint manipulation at the same time, in a new combined treatment invented by Dr. Luis Gavin, has totally change the approach for temporomandibular TMJ and Jaw affections, avoiding surgery, arthroscopy, cuts and stiches, enhancing TMJ and Jaw joint cinematics.

In temporomandibular affections has been used many treatments without success. Dr. Luis personally introduce a new concept of treatment inside de TMJ Jaw joint, combining plasma prp, botox and manual manipulation to realign , recenter and recapture the dislocated and displaced interarticular disc

It improves immediately mandibular motion in a continuing improvement along next three months after treatment, avoiding further surgery and arthroscopy.

Patient so fast les clicking, increased bilateral symmetric motion and joint range, and very fast full mouth opening and jaw and joint pain relief.

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMDs) affect the jaw joints causing internal derangement of joint space, bone alterations and degeneration. Frequent signs and symptoms of TMDs and TMJ are pain, joint noise, limited range of motion, impaired jaw function, deviation or deflection upon mouth opening and closing or open locking

Internal derangements of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) include disc displacements, joint sounds, pain and discomfort in jaw, ear tmj area.

Disc displacement with or without reduction of the TMJ is an intracapsular dysfunction that leads to degenerative changes in the disc and articular surface in motion occurs and patients are not able to effectively chew or achieve a normal mouth opening without pain.

Platelet-rich plasma is produced by centrifuging blood for 15 min and separating the platelets from the other blood components. Later, the platelets are diluted with normal saline solution to obtain the optimal concentration. This represents an emerging regenerative therapy for injuries in the orthopaedic field with encouraging results showing anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial properties in comparing results of effectiveness of different therapeutic strategies. A further restriction we ran into were the different ways to perform TMDs diagnosis in each study.

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