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Pipe Tools, Inc. Now Offering Water Leak Detectors and Locators for Plastic Pipe


Pennsauken, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2015 -- Based out of Pennsauken, New Jersey, Pipe Tools, Inc. offers advanced leak detection and monitoring equipment for water, gas and sewer specialists nationwide. Pipe Tools, Inc. is announcing that they are now offering water leak detection systems, complete with data logging, and correlation technology, for professionals in the industry looking to detect leaks in water mains and water service lines where a small leak will turn into a significant loss of water and revenue over time.

Additionally, one of the new easy-to-use water leak detection machines offered from Pipe Tools, Inc. is the Ferret. This groundbreaking hydraulic water leak detection system identifies the pressure drop that occurs in a pipe as it leaks water with the use of a balloon tool called "The Head". The Ferret Head operates in pipe up to 2 inches in diameter. The pipe can be made of any material. The balloon fills to match the pressure in the pipe and then travels with the water through the pipe until it reaches the area with the leak. When this happens, the pressure in the pipe will drop and this Head stops moving forward. This technology is able to detect small leaks with little hassle, and is accurate up to a few millimeters. The Ferret is very useful on plastic water services that are difficult to trace and pinpoint leaks. Leak locations are indentified precisely and restoration costs are reduced.

Another innovative product available from Pipe Tools, Inc. for the location of non-metallic pipe is the Ultra-Trac APL. The Ultra-Trac Acoustic Pipe Locator (APL) is designed to locate piping systems constructed of any material including plastic that are difficult to trace using the traditional RF transmitter and receiver methods of locating. The piping systems can be located regardless of the type of surface above the pipe whether this be asphalt, cement, soft soil or gravel. The APL uses a specialized acoustic transducer (actuator) technology that sends signals into the ground. Highly sensitive accelerometers sense the reflected energy. The data is processed and converted into easy to understand results on the display screen. No connections to the piping system is required for the APL operation. This product is yet another tool that helps water , sewer, and gas professionals locate utilities without having to do any serious initial excavation or digging.

Professionals looking to purchase the latest and greatest in water leak detection and locating technology are urged to contact Pipe Tools, Inc. immediately. Reach them by phone, for more information on their water leak detection technology, at 866-457-4694 or contact them by e-mail at info@pipetoolsinc.net. There is also a contact form available on their website http://www.pipetoolsinc.net

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Pipe Tools, Inc. is a Pennsauken, New Jersey-based organization serving as a leading provider of tools for those working in the water, sewer and gas professions. They retail the highest quality drain cleaners, leak detectors, inspection cameras and utility locators available on the market. They are leaders in utility locating equipment, inspection cameras and other advanced detection equipment. Reach them by phone to learn more at 866-457-4694.

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