Pipelinesupplies.com Announces Availability of Pipeline Pigging Products in Diverse Styles


Centennial, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- Pipelinesupplies.com announces the availability of pipeline pigging products in diverse styles such as drying, wiping and scraping to accommodate almost any application. In addition to this, some of the applications are oil and gas transmission, pulp and paper, and process piping systems. With over 60 years of experience in the field of manufacturing, research and application; their study of poly pigs is incomparable in the industry.

The company offers a huge range of poly pig services to function pipeline systems throughout the world. The company leads in manufacturing internal pipeline cleaners that are commonly known as Poly Pigs in the terms of the trade. Even if the poly pigs are minutely oversized, they form a sliding seal in the pipe and are designed to eradicate product build-up, foreign matter and loose sediment.

They are the online representatives of the renowned pipeline professional Hoff Company, Inc. and showcase all related products with the availability of quotes for Pipelinesupplies.com.

A spokesperson from Pipelinesupplies.com elaborated, “We also ensure to deliver customers only the best quality products, manufactured by the world’s leading brands like Canusa, Powercrete, Dupont International, Scapa, Tapecoat, Tuff 'N' Nuff, 3M, etc.” The company uses all the latest and upcoming technological tools to provide customers no-complaint products that will last for years.”

Some of the products they offer are Protective coatings, Pigs & Pipeline cleaning, Pipeline Identification Markings, Tools, Gauges & Equipment, Pipeline Rehab & Integrity, and much more.

About Pipelinesupplies.com
Pipelinesupplies.com is a subsidiary of The Hoff Company which was founded in 1969 to provide products and services to operate and maintain pipeline systems throughout the world. They are a global retailer and supplier of piping systems while also providing related installation and maintenance services. They carry a comprehensive range of Protective Coatings for pipes, Pigs & Pipeline Cleaning products, Pipeline Identification markings, Tools/Gauges/Equipment, Pipeline Rehab and repair materials, municipal utility pipeline products, and pipeline Construction Products. All the products they stock are from top manufacturers like 3M, Plidco, DU-Pont, and Goss.

For more information, please visit- http://www.pipelinesupplies.com.

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