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Pitch Harder Launches Program Guaranteed to Improve Pitcher's Velocity

Pitch Harder publishes those using the program consistently pitch 90 mph or above


Clemson, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- Major League Baseball reports the average fastball in 2013 registered 92.0 mph on the PITCHf/x tracking technology used by the league. This technology measures pitch speed better than errant radar guns and is calibrated uniformly for all ball parks. Those wishing to play college ball or possibly even make it to the majors need to ensure they pitch at close to this speed, if not faster.

"Pitch Harder understands many struggle in this area and spend countless dollars attending camps to improve their pitching speed with little success. Traditional methods fail as they use information with no scientific foundation which is also outdated. Pitch Harder's program works as it doesn't rely on the outdated methods, but ones which have undergone testing to ensure their effectiveness," J Giles of Pitch Harder declares.

To properly master pitching and increase pitch speed, one must understand the basic foundation before adding to it. The program begins here, showing everyone how to build this foundation, as this is one thing most players haven't been taught. When a player doesn't learn exactly how pitching velocity is achieved, they can't improve.

"Once players understand the science of pitching velocity, the program moves on to showing players how to maximize this knowledge to Increase Pitching Velocity. Pitch Harder turns the baseball world on its head, by changing everything players have been taught about Pitching Mechanics. Once this mindset changes, the player begins to notice an increase in their pitching speed," Giles continues.

To be a successful pitcher, however, one must be able to do more than pitch a fastball, such as throw a slider. Before one can learn how to throw a slider, many things need to be determined. First, one needs to determine which angle a pitcher throws from. When one has identified this critical factor, experimentation may begin. Pitch Harder shows one How to Throw a Slider the correct way while reducing the risk of injury.

As Giles explains, the goal of Pitch Harder continues to be to help every player reach their maximum potential. Although other factors do play a role in a pitcher's performance, such as height and genetics, the most important thing remains pitching mechanics. Biomechanics and kinetics play a role in this, and Pitch Harder turned to these two science disciplines to create their training products and services. As a result of the simple, yet effective, method used in Pitch Harder, it's now the top training system available today.

About Pitch Harder
Pitch Harder guarantees they can show individuals how to throw a baseball faster by increasing pitching velocity. Simplicity and affordability remain the two simple concepts around which this program revolves and all methods undergo testing for effectiveness before they are shared with consumers. Results seen during this testing astonish people as the sport-specific program focuses on each element used during a pitcher's throw. Pitchers using this product find they reach their full potential without fear of injury and those using the program consistently walk away having pitched a ball at 90 mph or faster.