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Pitching Fall a Changeup: Enchanting New Children's Book Knocks Vital Message out of the Park; Embrace Change

Masterfully crafted by Martha DePhillips, ‘Pitching Fall A Changeup’ fuses relatable verse with stunning imagery to help children recognize that change is a vital part of life’s journey. DePhillips drives this home through the whimsical antics of seven-year-old Albert, who loves baseball and the summer so much that he goes to quirky lengths to ensure fall won’t ever arrive. However, as he soon realizes, accepting change and moving forward with it can bring some very unique rewards.


Danbury, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- While many children’s books share nothing but a quick thrill, every now and then an author brings something new to the table with a powerful and potentially life-changing message. Martha DePhillips fits the bill with gusto; as her new book scores a true home run on the tough subject of getting children to welcome and embrace change.

‘Pitching Fall A Changeup’ introduces young readers to their new best friend, Albert. Albert isn’t a superhero or war lord – but a regular kid with an extra-ordinary message to share.


Young readers have you ever had so much fun that you didn’t want it to end? Albert has the same problem. The seven year-old loves baseball and the summer. When leaves start to fall, Albert tries everything he can dream up to keep Fall from coming. Can Albert accept change? Will Albert win the fight against the season?

“Just like most children – you can’t knock Albert’s passion!” admits DePhillips. “He tries anything he can to stop fall from coming; including removing leaves, gluing them back onto the trees and even pitching a baseball up into them. Of course, he finally recognizes that he can’t prevent this change and he instead embraces the opportunity to jump and play in the pile of leaves fall has brought with it.”

Continuing, “This simple analogy has a vitally-important message. Many people are resistant to change and this can leave them stagnant in both their personal lives and careers. If we can grab a hold of each child’s attention while they are young enough, we can demonstrate the importance of going with the flow of change and enjoying the many opportunities it brings.”

DePhillips hopes her work will become something the entire family can enjoy and learn from.

“This was of course written for kids; but their parents can also learn a thing or two about how change is treated in their adult lives. Many grown-ups are too resistant to change and, while inspiring their children, I hope to leave them with plenty to think about in their own lives,” she adds.

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Pitching Fall A Changeup’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1p2tKIQ.

About Martha DePhilips
Martha DePhilips is a mother of four grown children; grandchildren; and great grandchildren. She holds a BS in Journalism and graduate credits in Education. She resides in Danbury, CT and previously New Faairfield, CT. DePhillips was a 40 resident of Mount Kisco, NY before moving to CT. For the last 12 years, she was substitute teacher in both New York and Connecticut.