Pittsburgh Rapper 'Rambo' and the New Music Business


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2012 -- Rambo, a rapper from Pittsburgh PA. has thrived in the new music scene. After his single ‘The Game of Life’ was featured on local radio station WAMO in the fall of 2002, he went on to record his first album ‘Concrete jungle’. Since then he teamed up with several hometown producers and over several years consistently released music with independent labels in the Pittsburgh area. Among his many releases is the eleven track album ‘The Steel City Hustle’ which has been featured on many sites all across the web. The lead single ‘Pittsburgh’ has spread far beyond the city he was raised in, and has reached the masses thanks to the technology that has made the world a smaller place.

With the music business constantly changing due to the disruption of the internet, artists like ‘Rambo’ have been forced to adapt and take advantage of all the new channels of distribution. Whether it’s social media, blogs, or the latest online music startup, today artists have to navigate the many options available to find success and reach their audience. With the recent decline in music sales and big label budgets, the internet has given musicians a key avenue to connect directly with fans. For ‘Rambo’, access to the increasingly large online community has been a valuable tool for promotion, distribution, and creating that all important buzz that all artists need to succeed.

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