Pittsburgh Tattoo Removal Is Getting Rave Reviews from Clients Who Use the Latest Laser Removal Technology


Bridgeville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- Pittsburgh Tattoo Removal has recently been recognized as the best tattoo removal service in the Pittsburgh area. What is driving this recognition is the fact that the company uses the latest technology to give clients a complete tattoo removal with minimal pain and discomfort. Owner Tracey Englert has over 25 years of experience in tattoo removal and permanent makeup cosmetic procedures and is gratified to hear that clients consider her business to be the best Pittsburgh later tattoo removal service.

The secret to Englert’s success is using the latest technology including the Quanta Q Plus Laser system. According to Tracey the Quanta Q Plus Laser system is the most advanced laser removal technology available today and for those in the Pittsburgh area that need to have a tattoo removed there is no more effective method of removal.

This system works by using short pulses of laser light that is highly focused on the section of tattoo to be removed. The laser burst heats the ink particles under the skin and shatters them into smaller particles that can be released by the body. Lasers work to destroy the ink molecules not the skin, so the laser removal is the most effective way to get rid of the tattoo and leave the skin looking refreshed. The Quanta Q Plus laser is more effective than other types of lasers because the laser burst is shorter and more intense and that results in the maximum amount of ink being shattered and removed. Older lasers were not as focused and the burst of light lasted longer resulting in damage to the surrounding skin.

Pittsburgh Tattoo Removal is quickly becoming the destination of choice for those who need their tattoo removed. Those who have visited Tracey and her team of professionals have left amazed at the end result and the speed with which Tracey was able to finish the job. Most of all they left without a tattoo. One satisfied client said, “I came to Pittsburgh Tattoo Removal because I heard they had the latest laser technology. Tracey was awesome and made my tattoo removal quick and easy each time.”

Those interested in learning more can visit the Pittsburgh Tattoo Removal website or call 412.335.8660 to speak to a professional at the company.