Pittsburgh Tattoo Removal Now Offering Removal Services Using the Quanta Q Plus Laser System


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2013 -- Pittsburgh Tattoo Removal just announced the addition of the Quanta Q Plus Laser System for use in their tattoo removal services. Owner Tracey Englert has over 25 years of experience in tattoo removal and permanent makeup cosmetic procedures and is thrilled to be able to bring this latest tattoo removal technology to her clients in the Pittsburgh area. According to Tracey the Quanta Q Plus Laser system is the most advanced laser removal technology available today and for those in the Pittsburgh area who need to have a tattoo removed there is now this very effective method of removal.

Removing a tattoo can be incredibly difficult and painful and for many it is considered nearly impossible. The new Quanta system makes it possible. The reason this new system is so effective is because it is the first ever laser system that incorporates a ruby laser. This allows the Q Plus to effectively remove black, blue, purple, yellow, green and red tattoo pigment with minimal risk of changes to the surrounding skin texture or scarring of the skin. The Quanta Q Plus system is incredibly powerful, delivering a full 15-30 joules of pulse strength which is the strongest on the market. The system also covers a wider area of skin and generates a broader spectrum of light. The inclusion of the ruby laser ensures that even the darkest colors are removed. There is no other system that can produce such amazing results.

For Tracey and her clients this powerful new system not only means the complete removal of a tattoo but it ensures that removal is done as fast as possible meaning less time in the chair Since much of the damage done to skin during tattoo removal using older methods is a result of the amount of time it takes to remove the tattoo having a system that reduces the amount of time a client spends in the chair means virtually no chance of permanent damage.

Pittsburgh Tattoo Removal is quickly becoming the destination of choice for those who need their tattoo removed. Those who have visited Tracey and her team of professionals have left amazed at the end result and the speed with which Tracey was able to finish the job. Most of all they left without a tattoo. One satisfied client said, “I came to Pittsburgh Tattoo Removal because I heard they had the latest laser technology. Tracey was awesome and made my tattoo removal quick and easy each time.”

Those interested in learning more can visit the Pittsburgh Tattoo Removal website or call 412.335.8660 to speak to a professional at the company.