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Pittsburgh Tribune Announces Seegrid Among Top Robot Manufacturers Worldwide

Pittsburgh Tribune Announces Seegrid Among Top Robot Manufacturers Worldwide


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- Kim Leonard, reported for The Pittsburgh Tribune late last month a researcher’s new interactive map of 977 robot manufacturers worldwide includes about 20 Western Pennsylvania companies, and notes Carnegie Mellon University is among 20 top universities and research labs in the industry.

The Robot Report pinpoints top industrial robot makers including Conair Group, Seegrid Corp., Aerotech and American Robot, along with seven service robot companies such as RedZone Robotics and Aethon and nine startups in the region.

Publisher Frank Tobe of Santa Barbara, Calif., said the map “displays the diversity, vigor and scope of today’s robotics industry.” Many startups and service robot companies are near CMU, he said, along with MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley and other top schools. The map link:

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About Seegrid:
Founded in 2003, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Seegrid Corporation brings robotic vision-guided technology to the material handling industry. With more than thirty years of innovation and research by the leading robotic scientists, engineers, programmers and logistics practitioners worldwide, Seegrid’s exclusive Robotic Industrial Trucks are revolutionizing the movement of materials in manufacturing and distribution environments. Seegrid’s technology transforms industrial vehicles into unmanned, automated pallet trucks and tow tractors that operate without the need for wire, tape, laser or other costly automated guided vehicle (AGV) guidance systems. Seegrid offers solutions that optimize workflow processes by increasing productivity and reducing costs, creating economic and operational advantages.

Early in 2013 Seegrid ( will be exhibiting at booth 1531 during ProMat2013 January 21st -24th at Chicago's McCormick Place. ProMat 2013 Convention provide manufacturers the latest solutions to move business forward as the industry's leading innovators showcase latest manufacturing, distribution and supply chain equipment and systems.

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