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Pixcell8 Launches a New Online Business to Fund Non-Profit Organization

Pixcell8 Offers a Unique Platform to Sell Images and Contribute to a Charitable Cause


Boise, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- Pixcell8 is a newly launched website that creates a unique platform where individuals can sell photos or images. Users can upload images to the website via a computer or their smartphone and sell it to professional companies through Pixcell8.com or PixCell8’s free iOS app located on Apple’s App Store The price of the image is split into three parts between the photographer, Pixcell8 and one of the eight non-profit organizations vetted and supported by the company.

All three founders of Pixcell8, Chris Barber, Kris Jonas, and Reed Smith, are social entrepreneurs with a spirit to bring about a difference in the world by supporting a social cause. PixCell8 CoFounder, Kris Jonas, remarks: “The basic concept of Pixcell8 is to create an online platform where both buyers and sellers of natural-looking stock images can conduct business and earn money, while passively funding a worthy social cause.” Pixcell8 supports traditional camera and mobile smartphone photographers with their website and smartphone app, that is accessible for no cost for all levels of photographers. PixCell8 has authentic-looking stock photography which is priced at a reasonable rate to buyers and is open to the global community for purchase. Additionally, the website is a platform where image sellers can easily find clients and buyers.

Pixcell8 Founder Chris Barber states, “We think this is a tremendous opportunity for us to do something positive in this world via social justice programs, with little risk or effort. It’s a great business model in that PixCell8 is a low-effort and sustainable platform for the passive funding of select non-profit organizations, that taps into the current trend of crowdsourcing photos for sale.” CoFounder Reed Smith further explains, “Pixcell8 is designed to passively offer long term funding to non-profit organisations via normal commerce. It also makes a meaningful difference for change in the world. It is an alternative marketplace for buyers who seek natural and high quality stock images which can be used for several online and print publications at an affordable cost.”

The simple purpose of Pixcell8 is basically to make use of the market place to create a stream of passive income that will help to fund a social change by contributing to one of the eight non-profit organisations which is supported by Pixcell8. Moreover, the website is free to use. It therefore poses no risk to the buyers or the sellers.

For more information, please visit: http://www.pixcell8.com/

About Pixcell8.com
Pixcell8 is a newly launched website that utilizes free-market to provide and support pre-selected non-profit group of organisation. Funds are provided to these organizations by sharing equal portion of revenue earned from selling stock images. Pixcell8.com is the brain-child of three individuals- Chris Barber, Kris Jonas, and Reed Smith, who are business managers within the company.

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