PixxE.net Raises Questions About the Future of Buying Online

New online product "pixxE" has observers asking questions about the money replacement. PixxE.net is trying to bring the barter method into the 21st century. One of the ways that it plans to do so is by not allowing PixxE’s to wildly fluctuate in value.


Port Alberni, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- PixxE’s are a new product that can be traded for goods and services directly. PixxE.net aims to have this new way of buying, selling and trading take the place of Bitcoins and other online currencies. Observers are already asking the important questions, however. Why should anyone pay attention to PixxE’s when Bitcoin, Dogecoin and others already exist?

PixxE.net is answering that question by pointing out that PixxE’s have several advantages that could soon change the way people look at online commerce. For example, PixxE’s aren’t actually an online “currency.” They are a product in themselves. Each PixxE is a pixel on the PixxE.net servers, and people are trading PixxE's with other people for their goods and services.

By having a way to buy, sell and trade online that uses an actual product, PixxE.net is trying to bring the barter method into the 21st century. One of the ways that it plans to do so is by not allowing PixxE’s to wildly fluctuate in value.

One of the reasons that many of the world’s consumers don’t trust Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is the instability involved. No one has any idea if Bitcoins will continue to go up in value or if they will suddenly plummet to being worthless. Creating currencies is a bank monopoly and is illegal, governments cant even do it. And so bitcoin must be a commodity, and it behaves like one, it is difficult to use a commodity as an exchange tool.

PixxE’s, on the other hand, are purchased at a set denomination of American dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros or Bitcoins, and then they don’t change. That value stays set so that users can trade them without having to worry about speculators driving the value up and down.

PixxE.net is also making the use of its product safer with an innovative offer.: At any time the company will buy the PixxE’s back from it's users, for the same price minus a fee. This plan could give skittish consumers much more confidence in using an online system of trade.

Another promoted advantage is that there are no transaction fees when users trade PixxE’s with other people. While transferring money through Paypal and other online services means users lose part of their money with every transaction, trading PixxE’s is completely free. Since users already own the PixxE’s that they have purchased from PixxE.net, they can give them to anyone or receive them from anyone without being worried about what it’s going to cost.

While financial industry observers still have a lot of questions about this new method of trading online, signs are pointing toward the ascendance of PixxE’s to the top of the online payment food chain.

Finally and not promoted, PixxE.net may offer consumers some tax advantages, depending on jurisdiction;
- Trading something of equal value may not be considered income.
- Buying and storing product (inventory) may offset taxable income.

A tax expert in one’s jurisdiction should be consulted.

PixxE.net has shared plans about it's upcoming mobile phone APP that allows users to use their phones instead of credit card machines to make anyone capable of POS (Point of Sale) and furnishes the ability for two people to make a PixxE-for-product trade instanly in person, nearly as fast as cash changing hands.

For consumers interested in more information about PixxE's, their home page features a cutesie over simplified introduction video, more indepth data can be found on their Faq page and full examples about real world usages can be found on their blog.

About PixxE.net
Established in may 2014, a Nevis company.

Brain Child Damon Hunt and Programmer Jamison Phillips designed and employ proprietary software to enable swift and secure trading of the PixxE product.