PK Innovation LLC Launches JetFighter Awake and JetFighter Sleep to Effectively Address the Issue of Jet Lag

Jet lag and the fatigue that goes along with it can now be fought safely and effectively with JetFighter Awake and JetFighter Sleep, two new supplements recently released by PK Innovation LLC.


West Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- For many people sleeplessness and travel come hand in hand. PK Innovations has recently released two supplements that address both ends of this issue, JetFighter Awake and JetFighter Sleep, which promise to offer the traveler relief from occasional traveler's fatigue both during the day and at night.

“JetFighter Awake and JetFighter Sleep offer the perfect solution for the traveler who's taking a business trip to Asia, a trip to Europe with the family or a long flight across country to see a friend”, commented a spokesperson from the company. “The combination of the two supplements can make all the difference between feeling like you're in a fog and feeling well rested and alert.”

Both supplements contain cutting edge, safe and proven effective ingredients. JetFighter Awake will leave you feeling energized and lessen the fatigue associated with jet lag, while the JetFighter Sleep will assure the traveler a good night’s sleep, addressing a very common problem of long trips across different time zones.

Both products are available on and ship free if one bottle of each is ordered.

So far the response from customers has been very enthusiastic.

Emily P., from Boston recently said in a review, “I bought JetFighter Awake and Sleep to bring with me on my recent flight to London. I had been to Europe three times before, and I always ended up losing a day or two because I always felt so terrible from the jet lag. This time I felt fine! It's really incredible. I'm recommending both supplements to anyone who will listen. For how well they work and the great price, they can't be beat.”

For optimal results the company suggests using JetFighter Awake and JetFighter Sleep together in order to fight fatigue while traveling and overcome jet lag even faster.

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