PlacidWay Furthers Relationship with Panama-Based Stem Cell Facility

PlacidWay continues their relationship with Stem Cell Panama, focusing on stem cell and regenerative medicine in Panama City, Panama.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2013 -- PlacidWay continues to develop relations with Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Panama, a facility located in Panama City, Panama. The facility focuses on regenerative medicine through the use of stem cells, and also provides treatments for Parkinson's disease, diabetes, arthrosis, joints pain, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, autism and other metabolic conditions.

The Panama-based stem cell facility focuses on applied research when it comes to regenerative medicine specializing in stem cell therapies. The latest advances in stem cell technologies enable Stem Cell Panama to focus on treatments that restore function and repair structures in damaged cellular tissues as well as organs. “Due to the aging process, renewable and repairable tissues grow increasingly limited with age, and therefore, regenerative medicine and its therapies focus on restoration of such tissues and organs in the body as we age,” states Dr. Esteban Estrada, scientific adviser with Stem Cell Panama. "Stem cell Panama focuses stem cell therapies to treat cardiovascular, osteo- articular and rheumatology disease processes.”

"Neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, and damage caused to neurological systems as a result of stroke are also a main area of focus," states Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, a leader in medical resources and providers based in Denver, Colorado. "Options with stem cell therapies include transplantation of mother cells, orthomolecular and hyperbaric medicine."

Stem cell therapies and methods for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes as well as preparation and rejuvenation of nervous system pathways as a result of trauma are also a major focus of stem cell Panama. Dr. Esteban Estrada is a specialist in cardiology and cardiovascular disease, and his studies and research are focused on regenerative medicine and in experimental phases of stem cell regenerative medicine and research, as well as research protocols based on quality clinical practices.

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