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Plagiarism Detect Announces Version 3.0 Launch for More Affordable, More Detailed Plagiarism Checking


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Plagiarism has become rife in the age of the internet, and products and services that promise to deal with it have become a necessity for companies whose livelihood depends on the integrity of their intellectual property. Many businesses struggle to identify if any work they receive has been plagiarized and could therefore adversely affect their business. Although there are some tools in the market that check plagiarism on a by sentence basis this is no longer sufficient in the current marketplace.

On December 3rd, officially announced that its version 3.0 is now live and ready to use. The main feature of the newly-implemented algorithm is that it allows the user to check for plagiarism at a rate five times lower than before, presenting huge savings for high-volume users.

The new version is part of the company’s continuing commitment to developing their software in a way very different to that employed by their competitors, building new and innovative algorithms from the ground up to provide users with the best service, and with the release of version 3.0, significantly more choice.

The online plagiarism checker is now unrecognizable from the product the company entered the market with, as they have conscientiously listened to user feedback and worked ceaselessly to improve, refine, and even redefine their product to guarantee the best level of service possible.

The new improved service:

- Speed has increased significantly due to the new algorithm
- Pricing has be slashed with prices as low as 20% of that of version 2.0
- New multiple check technology allowing users to check several texts in tandem a great time saver for users.
- Each PD report is now saved so customers can review each report at a later date – This is an innovation in the market unmatched by any competitor
- Checks plagiarism on a word cluster basis rather than a less detailed sentence by sentence basis. Plagiarism Detect believe their new algorithm is the most sophisticated in the market allowing deeper checks that prevent any plagiarism

A spokesperson for the product launch explained one of the major differences in the new version that promises to save users a lot of time and effort in confirming matches, “Parts highlighted by the algorithm are now clickable right there in the text, taking users directly to the source where the match was found. When users are redirected to the source, the system will automatically compare your text with the one available on the webpage, and highlight the matching text in source for ultimate clarity, making it much easier to parse through the source materials effectively. Also our Multi-Layer and SMART scanning technology allows customers to check against all the indexed web pages available on the web very quickly and so accurately it will detect only a few words of plagiarism. ”

About Plagiarism Detect
Plagiarism Detect is one of the first online-based plagiarism checkers. It has been in business since early 2008 and has been enjoying a strong customer base since then. As the demand for online plagiarism-detection software is rising, Plagiarism Detect has officially announced the release of a new low-cost version of the algorithm. For more information, please visit: