Plane Simple Golf Circuit Starts Indiegogo Campaign for the Inaugural PSG Circuit Membership Program

This project is about a simple golf revolution leading the way in player development.


Manchester, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2014 -- The PSG Circuit is a unique membership teaching program that will cover 4 months and 3 Missouri Golf Course locations (Crescent Farms Golf Club - St. Louis Osage National Golf Club - Lake of the Ozarks, MO Eagles' Landing Golf Course, Kansas City, MO), giving their members access to as many lesson times as they wish to sign up for, by paying one affordable membership price. Currently, while working on their own with the program and the Simple Swing Repeater, their clients are reducing their handicaps on average by 40% in four to six weeks. The PSG Circuit will allow them to accelerate this reduction in percentage and time.

The PSG Circuit is seeking 200 participants for their inaugural PSG Circuit membership program. Ideally, they would like all 200 participants to be involved in the Full PSG Circuit (Both Plane Simple Golf program and Dr Maxwell Golf program). They are looking to have at least 100 Junior Golfers in this total, and have a range of different levels of players from first timers, seasoned veterans, high school and college players and professionals. Depending on the amount of participants, this PSG Circuit will be run on a daily basis (all 200 participants fully funded) or on a few weeknight and weekend basis (Minimum of 100 participants).

The funds raised through this campaign will give Plane Simple Golf Circuit the Golf Course access and added equipment necessary to begin this campaign June 4, 2014 and run through September 30, 2014. They can achieve an awareness of the simplicity of golf performance and show their unique program that gives each player a blue print for achievement and a complete workout program for their game. No other program like this is out there and The PSG Circuit wants to get this to all golf lovers this season and get them started on their overall improvement.

The funding target for this campaign is $240,000.

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