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Planning a Trip to the Skydiving Capital of the World

Enjoy the beautiful serenity of the desert when you stay at Super 8 Eloy hotel.


Eloy, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- Adrenaline junkies attempt to get their fix however they can. They take up exciting hobbies and befriend like-minded people so that they can have companions along for say, when the opportunity to drive a car off a cliff becomes available. It’s a lifestyle that probably isn’t for everyone, but for the few who do enjoy these activities, they need to know of the few places that are actually suitable to them. One such place is Eloy, Arizona, and apart from the warm and appealing weather, it’s a place that’s worth going to if only for the fact that it is known as the skydive capital of the world.

Eloy, Arizona may not be a standout city that people know of off the top of their heads, but if they knew what it was all about, then it would get a great deal more press than it already receives. The city’s reputation for being this haven for skydivers is not only true; it’s also reinforced by all the adrenaline-seeking tourists that want to experience this place for themselves. Once people finally make the decision to head down there, they’ll need a good place to stay in, and thankfully, there than a few hotels in Eloy Arizona that are more than capable of making people’s experiences over there even more pleasant.

When looking up the possible hotels in Eloy AZ that you can stay in, one that you may want to pay special attention to is the Super 8 hotel that can be found there. It’s a uniquely wonderful place to stay in, especially with its close proximity to golf courses and those skydiving sites that people are after, thus making the trip to the city as fun as it can possibly be.

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