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Plant-Based Diet to Prevent and Reverse Chronic Diseases


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2014 -- Top chronic diseases affecting millions of people call for a quick shift to healthier eating. Cardiovascular disease remains the leading killer in the UK. In fact, NHS England's draft guidelines advise millions more people to be put on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs to protect them against heart attack and stroke. On the other hand, just recently, the NHS data reveals an increase of 3.2m people have been diagnosed with diabetes in the UK. Over the counter medicines whilst often effectivealso have a risk of side effects.

Health experts’ and Doctors all advise “lifestyle changes” which all boils down to regular exercise and healthy eating. No-added fat, whole food, Plant-based eating is one of the most effective and affordable diets available. And this is what Barry Honeycombe of Plantalicious cares about. It helps people stay fit and healthy whilst feeling satisfied and full with its wide array of mouth-watering recipes.

Chronic Diseases: The Real Score

Chronic diseases are those that perpetuate over a long period of time. The most common chronic diseases include asthma, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and yype II diabetes among others. In the UK, more and more of the population have been diagnosed with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’s (NICE) recommendation on widening the use of cholesterol lowering drugs to save more lives is proof that more needs to be done to address these chronic diseases. Claiming about 180,000 lives annually, cardiovascular disease is developed when fatty substances build up in the arteries that eventually blocks the blood flow hence heart attack and stroke happen.

Meanwhile, diabetes is making headlines and its own records as well. Approximately 6% of UK adults are diabetic while there are another 850,000 (est) out there who have it but are as yet undiagnoded. Diabetes are of two types. Type 1 is caused by an auto-immune reaction where the body’s defence system attacks the cells that produce insulin. Type 2 is characterized by insulin resistance and relative insulin deficiency, either or both of which may be present at the time diabetes is diagnosed. The latter accounts at least 90% of all cases of diabetes. Moreover, National Clinical Director for Diabetes and Obesity at NNHS England, Prof. Jonathan Valabhji, pointed out that Type 2 Diabetes is significantly reduced with a healthy lifestyle.

Obesity is one of the precedents of these diseases and it is alarming to see how the obesity figures have sky-rocketed over recent years. The National Obesity Forum worries about their projection that half of adults will be obese by 2050 could be significantly exceeded. Most experts and commentators would agree that the majority of obesity is simply down to the excessive intake of food energy and lack of physical activity.

Overcoming Chronic Disease

The healthiest, safest and cost effective way to prevent and reverse chronic disease is to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Plantalicious believes in a no-added fat, whole food plant-based lifestyle. Having studied plant-based nutrition it’s founder Barry Honeycombe is a personal and living example of how the dietary choices we make everyday impacts our health. His goal is to make it easy to make easy, delicious plant-based recipes that enable lifestyle changes. There is always a misconception that when you are on an all plant diet, foods are just tasteless, this is why he chose to call his website Plantalicious!.

From main courses to salads, drinks, soups, snacks and even sauces, Plantalicious has something for everyone and with every level of culinary expertise and levels of confidence. They also provide step by step videos on how to prepare nutritious and sumptuous plant-based dishes. The site also offers health articles which readers can read to support their plant-based journey. The site has already drawn a substantial following. Check out new recipes you could prepare for your meals at and join the community of plant-based eaters.

About Plantalicious
Plantalicious shares the author Barry Honeycombe's experience of a plant-based lifestyle. It believes that we are all a product of the food choices we make and so in order to get the best from our bodies and to support our bodies amazing ability to heal itself, we need to give it the very best food we can, which still needs to be satisfying and delicious. As an advocate for plant-based diet, Plantalicious aims to share how food choices can give individuals the chance to live to a ripe old age and to avoid chronic diseases.


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