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Plantar Fasciitis Socks by Peak Power Sports: The Emerging Standard in Compression


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2017 -- In response to the increased demands for compression products among both sportspeople and hardworking people working long hours on their feet all day, the new plantar fasciitis socks/compression foot sleeves by Peak Power Sports set a new standard by providing the perfect balance between genuine results and comfort for the end user, and wearability to ensure the benefits to the wearer that can only come from wearing compression products on a consistent basis.

"It's our hope that by setting the bar higher, we will encourage others to follow suit," stated a passionate Rich Mallinson, CEO and founder of Peak Power Sport. "Relatively recent developments in textile machinery and processing allow us to continue to push the envelope in serving our valued customers."

By providing true graduated compression across six carefully shaped and positioned target zones, the new plantar fasciitis sleeves by Peak Power Sport afford the wearer numerous benefits in both treating and sometimes even preventing specific ailments including foot, heel spurs and arch pain, swelling and even plantar fasciitis. Carefully designed, varied weaves and seamless stitching between the target zones ensure all the benefits of medical-grade compression are provided with absolutely no loss of comfort.

"I've spent most of my life stubbornly defying my own poor odds of being able to make running a passion in life (in some cases going against naysayers who said I'd never run again because of dislocations and tears I sustained as a teenager)," continues Mr. Mallinson enthusiastically. "Founding Peak Power Sport was my way of making my own small contribution by providing people with the right gear to help them maximize their potential and preserve their joy of running and sport in general. I also want to provide comfort to hardworking people who are on their feet all day. Many people are pleasantly surprised at what a difference a few good habits and the right gear can make. As a company, we want to help them enjoy greater comfort and mobility, because they really can."

Anyone curious to learn more about the new plantar fasciitis socks can view the company website at or try a pair at no risk on Amazon here:

About Peak Power Sport
Peak Power Sport is best known for its line of premier compression gear and dedicated to providing its customers with all the tools & training required to achieve peak performance.

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