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Plastic Card Company Presents Info About Promotional Artwork


Nanuet, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- Plastic Card City recently posted an informative blog about the types of promotional artwork frequently used on gift cards. Many business owners realize the power of issuing customized gift cards to brand and promote their companies.

In Five Types of Promotional Artwork Used on Gift Cards, Plastic Card City outlines the various types of artwork that may appear on custom gift cards. Often gift cards feature the logo of the brand offering the card. This instantly reminds cardholders of the business when they see the card. Using the logo is also a way to brand businesses and make them more recognizable to consumers.

Another type of artwork often found on gift cards are eye-catching designs. This artwork is often used by fledgling businesses that might not yet have recognizable logos. According to Plastic Card City, adding an image that pertains to the business helps consumers realize what the company is offering. A good example is an image of a guitar for business that provides music lessons.

According to Plastic Card City, the artwork found on gift cards can also inspire people to purchase certain items. An eatery that includes a photo of pizza on its gift cards reminds people of how much they want to order a slice when they get hungry. This artwork is an excellent way to inspire sales.

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