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Plastic Drums Market by Type & Forecast During 2018-2028: Greif, Inc., FDL Packaging Group, Industrial Container Services, Inc


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2019 -- Plastic Drums Market: An Overview

Drums are rigid or semi-rigid cylindrical containers that are generally used for shipping and storage of liquid items. Drums are classified in three types on the basis of materials they are made with metal, fiber, and plastics. Plastic drums are lighter in weight than metal drums and can be kept in open conditions without the risk of rusting. Plastic drums are generally used for storing hazardous chemicals and goods because they are resistant to inert low pH levels. Plastic drums provide UV protection and do not leak easily that make them adequate for industrial, household and commercial purposes. Plastic drums have a wide range of end-use industry applications such as Agriculture, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum, Household, etc. Plastic drums are easy to handle, simple to empty and fill thus; they are appropriate for logistics and transportation. Plastics are malleable hence plastic drums can be efficiently designed meeting the particular shape and size for the specific application. Moreover, plastic drums are easy to recycle which gives them an edge over other types of drums. Some of the plastic drums are biodegradable and can be easily decomposed by microorganisms which in turn make them amiable to the environment. In addition, plastic drums can easily be reconditioned for reuse which makes them cost efficient.

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Plastic Drums Market: Dynamics

Plastic drums are expected to have escalated demands because of the evolution of industries which in turns increased the quality packaging at economical rates. The government norms for the adoption of biodegradable materials are expected to enhance the growth of plastic drums market further. With increased demand for chemicals and pharmaceuticals, the plastic drums market will have extraordinary growth rate. Plastic drums meet the requirement of chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers due to lightweight, durable, reliable yet cost-efficient rigid packaging product. Plastic drums market are expected a high increase because of the appropriateness of plastic drums for liquid packaging. In addition, plastic drums are generally unreactive to the chemical, oil, and lubricant present inside it. Availability of different color options and ease of printing on plastic drums make them convenient for both the manufacturers as well as the consumers. The increased demand for packaged food will endorse the growth of plastic drums market. Plastic drums market will experience further growth with the advancement of recycling and biodegradable packaging. Plastic accounts for the largest share in rigid bulk packaging materials. Plastic drums with continuous advancement and innovation provide the opportunity of even lesser weight with greater strength.                                                                                                           

Plastic Drums Market: Segmentation

Globally the Plastic drums market is segmented on the basis of material type, head type, capacity and end - use industry which are further segmented as –

On the basis of material type, the global plastic drums market is segmented as –

Polyethylene (PE)




Polypropylene (PP)


On the basis of head type, the global plastic drums market is segmented as –

Open head

Tight head

On the basis of capacity, the global plastic drums market is segmented as –

Less than 10 gallons

10-30 gallons

30-55 gallons

55 gallons and above

On the basis of end - use industry, the global plastic drums market is segmented as –

Food & Beverages

Chemical & Petrochemicals

Building and Construction



Oil and lubricants


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Plastic Drums Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically the global plastic drums market has been divided into seven key regions as–

North America

Latin America

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Asia Pacific excluding Japan

Middle East & Africa


The increased demand for chemical, and pharmaceutical sector in Asia Pacific region is expected to lead the plastic drums market. The Asia Pacific market is anticipated to dominate the global plastic drums market. The Europe and North America plastic drums market are expected to witness growth because of adoption of plastic drums in the rigid packaging industry. The markets in Middle East & Africa region is projected to represent lucrative opportunities for the global plastic drums market during the forecast period.

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 Plastic Drums Market: Key players

Some of the key players operating in the global plastic drums market are –

Greif, Inc.

FDL Packaging Group

Industrial Container Services, Inc.

Sonoco Products Company


Mauser Group B.V.

E-Con Packaging Pvt Ltd

Delta Containers Direct Limited