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Plastic Surgeon in Charlotte NC Now Offering the Best in Vaginal Rejuvenation: Labiaplasty

Dr. Klein is a top plastic surgeon in Charlotte and Concord, North Carolina, now offering the best in vaginal rejuvenation: Labiaplasty!


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- Your Renaissance is one of the most trusted plastic surgery offices in Concord and Charlotte, and their services only keep improving. In fact, they now offer one of the most looked-for procedures in female rejuvenation: Labiaplasty. Performed in Concord, Labiaplasty offers a solution to women who have experienced an elongation of the labia minora.

This change can occur as a result of childbirth, weight fluctuations, or simply from aging and is the root of much insecurity. In fact, some women might be born with a labia minora that is larger than average, and Dr. Klein has provided the answer to all of their problems. Often, patients interested in Labiaplasty tell Dr. Klein that they are insecure wearing tight clothing or in sexual situations, and Dr. Klein can help!

Women experiencing insecurities or discomfort due to a disproportionate or misshapen labia minor will find their solution in Labiaplasty performed by Dr. Klein, a top plastic surgeon in Charlotte and Concord. The goal of Labiaplasty is to restore the labia minora to its desired shape and size, while also restoring its overall function.

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From the website, you'll find an easy-to-navigate Contact Form, from which you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Klein regarding your candidacy for Labiaplasty, in addition to the multiple other procedures performed by Your Renaissance.

About Dr. Klein
Dr. Klein is a respected Charlotte plastic surgeon, but it isn’t just his education and experience that have earned him this reputation. Although his dedication to acquiring the utmost expertise in the field of plastic surgery has certainly earned him recognition, the compassion and personal guidance he offers to each patient is what makes Your Renaissance especially unique.

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