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Plastic Surgeon Invents New Approach to Patient Video Imaging for Both Before and After Surgery

John Eng, MD is pleased to launch his “Plastic Surgery in Motion” video program, designed to supplement or replace before and after pictures of surgical patients.

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Rockville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- They say that a picture is worth a thousand words – unless, of course, that a motionless picture is being used to represent all the relevant functional anatomy of a living patient either “before” or “after” a plastic surgery procedure, especially when it was taken without facial expressions and from a single viewing angle. Beyond the static information, it tells very little of the patient LIVE, with motion/expression, and viewed from multiple angles. In fact, the “before” and “after” photographs of plastic surgical patients often conceal a multitude of pre-existing conditions before surgery, and poor results after surgery, from both the surgeons and their patients. It is these shortcomings of still photographs that has inspired Dr. John Eng to invent “Plastic Surgery in Motion” – a new and standardized video program designed to supplement or to replace the good old before-and-after photos.

“One of the biggest advantages to my ‘Plastic Surgery in Motion’ video program is that it captures the entire patient in motion as seen from multiple viewing angles as if the patient is LIVE as if he/she is being examined in the office – a sort of Virtual Physical on Demand.” says Dr. Eng, a board-certified plastic surgery who practices in Rockville, MD. “By framing a patient’s pre-surgical conditions and post-surgical progress within this video format, plastic surgeons can better communicate their surgical planning with their patients before surgery, monitor the patients during their early recoveries, and critically evaluate the efficacy of their chosen techniques on their patients’ long term surgical outcomes. This increased attention to details will instill confidence in the patients, improve the surgeon’s skill and judgment, and help him/her to become a better teacher to his/her future patients plastic surgery trainees.”

Dr. John Eng also states: “We all know that plastic surgeons have been trying to keep movie records of patients for years, but due to the complexity of movie making equipment and in the absence of motion protocols, most surgeons are discouraged and become disinterested. But with today’s electronic video recording, displaying and archiving devices, plus a commonly accepted set of motion protocols, surgeons can easily make these LIVE patient records by adding a few extra minutes to their existing photograph taking routine sessions.”

Due to the wide spread and enthusiastic acceptance by his current patients in the past few years during the development of the program, Dr. Eng deeply believe that, the deployment of this easy to master Plastic Surgery in Motion video program by any surgeon will separate him/her, in the patient’s eyes, from other surgeons in the same community. He also vouches that this extra effort confers a palpably more profound bonding and trust between the surgeon and his/her patients, and therefore, will defuse and reduce the frequency of potential acrimony between them.

To learn more about this exciting Plastic Surgery in Motion video program and its inventor, Dr. John S. Eng, please put some time aside and leisurely visit:

Dr. John Eng
Plastic Surgery in Motion
11404 Old Georgetown Rd
Rockville, MD 20852