Plastic Surgery Takes Footsteps in New Directions

Dr. DeBaise offers several exciting, leading edge services including a certified surgery suite.


Winter Park, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- The word 'plastic' is derived from the Greek word plastique which means, “To change”. So it should come as little surprise that this branch of medicine should also be undergoing constant change.

New procedures that reflect the changing priorities and needs of those who seek out the medical professionals who practice it. So what started out as just a few procedures only a handful of decades back has grown to now include a broad range of options people can select from to put a positive spin on the way they look.

So now one of the latest hot new trends in cosmetic surgery is procedures that are performed on people's feet. Folks who look down and see room for improvement are now in increasing numbers changing the way their feet look.

One of the more common, surprisingly enough, is a liposuction procedure for what has come to be known as toe-besity. Both men and women with fat big toes who long for a more trim, streamline digit.

Then another procedure that's rising in popularity stems from the design trend in pointed shoes. Shoes that might look great on the shelf but have a well earned reputation for being difficult to squeeze a foot into.

So it's women in particular who are now in increasing numbers going under the knife to have their feet sculpted into a more thin profile to better fit into the very latest styles in shoes and boots.

Injectables have also come a long way from the early years when they were viewed as somewhat experimental. Today more is known about them and as a result doctors are able to deliver more predictable longer-lasting results.

There's a good handful of benefits to injectables that are drawing the public's attention, including their affordability, that they're less intrusive, and that they deliver immediate results with no postoperative healing period.

Then also due to growing public demand more clinics are now offering cosmetic tattooing that allows the option of improving one's physical appearance without any surgery.

Cosmetic tattooing employs techniques that differ from standard tattooing so it makes for more even shading and more subtle use of colors on the lips, around eyes and nipples.

Then a truly quantum shift is that breast augmentation is no longer just for women any more as increasing numbers of men are going under the knife for breast reduction surgery. It isn't just reductions either because now there are even implants for men to give them an instant chiseled bodybuilder's chest.

For the man is looking to turn even more heads at the beach but lacks the compunction to spend the hours in the gym that it takes to achieve the perfect beach body in the gym there are also implants available that in one procedure can give him permanent sixpack-abs. Dr. DeBaise of is board certified and offers several exciting cosmetic procedural options in his certified surgery suite.

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