Plastiwin Launches the Best Used Injection Molding Machine

Although is known for their used injection molding machines for sale, the company is truly more than just a broker. For the past 5 years, has been marketing their services to the public.


Twinsburg, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2016 -- Dedication and Consumer Experience –This is the foundation of a great company! has done it again. The company is now the "Go To" for many end users for its large plastic processing machinery inventory in North America. This is not surprising as they have been among the top machinery brokers in the plastics industry for more than 10 years now. Their machinery, experience, and expertise have brought them to the peak of their success, as they provide quality customer care to every client.

Although is known for their used injection molding machines for sale, the company is truly more than just a broker. For the past 5 years, has been marketing their services to the public. These services are specialized and include; liquidation of used plastic processing equipment, purchasing manufacturing facilities and appraisals for all sorts of processing equipment. Due to the many services that PlastiWin provides over its competitors, consumers consider them to be a "one-stop shop" forall of their plastics processing equipment needs and services.

As the company continues to uplift their goal of serving their clients with utmost care and competitive prices, they have taken the liberty of sharing some of their knowledge in regards to what things consumers should look for when buying used equipment. has a blog that that is targeted towards end users and gives them advice on buying and selling their used equipment. In turn, PlastiWin hopes that end users that have used injection molding machines for sale can now go to PlastiWin and feel confident that they will get the highest return for their assets. PlastiWin is also looking to expand globally with offices in China, South Africa, France, and Mexico.

Here are some of the hottest topics that end users are concerned with when buying and selling plastics processing machinery….

- The machine's energy consumption - As they look for a great candidate, they should consider the machines power efficiency. The goal is to prevent high energy bills and minimize energy consumption. We suggest the newer models that would prevent them from high energy cost and in turn should help them create higher profit margins during the lifespan of using the machine.

- The machine is not defective - A defective machine can easily cost a client thousands. That's why PlastiWin offers many machines that can be shown under power and running at the owner's site. To be able to do this, the buyer should always ask to have the machine provider perform a series of tests to just check whether the machine is working smoothly or not. PlastiWin is always happy to set up an inspection so the buyer and seller can meet and show the machine.

- The machine designs - This is important because the machine design that they will be choosing will determine the rate of their future energy consumption and payback. In regards to this, they have three types of molding design to choose from such as fully electric, fully hydraulic and the hybrid molding machines.

- The injection pressure - If they aim to produce quality plastic parts in a consistent manner, they must ensure that the machines do not have a limited injection pressure. A good injection molding machine has a 10% injection pressure reserve so it can easily adjust to the normal variation of the plastic material.

About PlastiWin
PlastiWin capital equipment is dedicated to providing quality used plastics processing equipment, outstanding services, and competitive pricing to meet the needs of those who are engaged with the buying and selling of used plastics machinery. With their 16 years of experience and expertise, they also offer liquidations of used plastics equipment, appraisals, auctions, logistics, financing, trades, warehousing, and consulting on all types of plastic, chemical, and rubber processing equipment.

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