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Platinum CCTV Celebrates over a Decade as an Online Provider of Surveillance Equipment


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2016 -- Platinum CCTV has earned a reputation as a trustworthy source for security cameras, helping thousands of home and business owners establish surveillance systems over the past 13 years.

"The key to being successful in business is providing superior value to your customers and treating them like family," said Dunteman. "Platinum CCTV Surveillance Solutions is a company that always tries to go the extra mile because we want to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction. We're looking forward to helping our customers protect their homes and businesses for years to come."

Clients have the ability to purchase security equipment for their home and business directly from the company's website to accommodate a variety of needs. Clients can find all the accessories needed from software, tools and microphones to fake cameras, cables and housings.

Stand alone and advanced video management systems are offered for home and businesses. DVRs for CCTVs, NVRs and software, and HDVRs for recording interactions are available. Clients can view camera activity via smartphone, tablet and computer.

Platinum CCTV offers systems for retail and restaurant businesses, warehouse and manufacturing, offices and schools. The systems offer easy playback of video in 15 seconds or less, remote access, and adjustable motion detection. Surveillance systems provide individuals with the ability to monitor behavior and activities of employees, customers, visitors and students.

Warehouses are a major target for thieves, but difficult operation often makes managers reluctant to use systems that may already be in place. Platinum CCTV systems offer modern, efficient and easy operation. They're a cost effective alternative to hiring security guards and provide an indisputable record of injuries, deliveries and departures that occur.

Security and monitoring systems for manufacturing offer protection against the risk of break-ins, but they also provide owners with access to local and remote facilities. It's an easy way to monitor people, equipment and machinery, and quality control procedures.

The importance of security precautions for schools can't be understated. The company's systems are available for schools of all sizes and enable administrators to react quicker to violence, bullying and major threats. The high security platform offers multiple accounts, text/email alerts for unauthorized access, and is compatible with school VPN networks.

Platinum CCTV is celebrating its 13th year of business and during that time, the firm has become a premiere provider of security and surveillance cameras and equipment online. The firm provides everything needed for specialized systems to protect homes, schools and businesses.

About Platinum CCT
Platinum CCT was formed in the early 2000's with the goal of providing the best surveillance systems at affordable prices. Today, the company specializes in offering modern security solutions for home and office, backed by an exceptional technical and customer service team to ensure our customers are as safe as possible.

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Michael Dunteman