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Platinum Dental Surgery - Serving Best Dental Services in Nigeria


Lagos, Nigeria -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- Platinum Dental surgery is a trusted choice for dental consultation in Nigeria as expert dentists deal with patients to provide healthier gums and teeth. Healthy gums naturally enhance ones feature on the beautiful face. Platinum Dental Surgery specializes in dental scaling, dental polishing, plague removal, tartar removal, and stain removal with sterilized instruments that are safe for health. There are deals recently launched for patients to avail treatments at low prices. Discount coupons have their validity till March 25, 2014 which are refundable afterwards it not used.

Multiple coupons are being purchased online by patients to have their teeth transformed into beautiful shining teeth at discounted prices. Reservations with Platinum Dental Surgery can be made online on the numbers provided on the main website. There are plenty of special offers to avail with this dental service and should be availed before the offer ends. Their services include smile makeovers, orthodontics, and many more oral surgeries which are offered at much discounted rates for limited time. The platinum team has specially announced special deals for dental scaling and polishing in Nigeria and Lagos.

Teeth need some extra care as compared to other parts of the body and Platinum Dental Surgery makes sure they serve patients enhancing their smiles. The tip top shape for teeth is no longer impossible to attain as long as Platinum Dental Services in Nigeria are available. Platinum Dental Services in Lagos are also made available by these offers and could be availed even if does not have serious problems with their teeth. Dental scaling and polishing is what everybody should take at some point in life as enough tartar and plague covers the teeth in within days only. This should be removed as soon as possible so as to avoid serious teeth problems. Dental hygienists in Platinum Dental Surgery clinics make sure to take care of sterilization of every tool used in dentistry and of the place itself.

Platinum dental surgeries clinics have made sure there patients are well aware about how to ensure good dental health themselves. Our overall health mainly starts from our mouth and teeth within as it is the gateway for food to enter our body. Platinum Dental Surgery Clinics have provided their dental services in Lagos as well are becoming known as cheap dental services because of the discounted offers. So, Nigerians are just one step behind from attaining the most beautiful teeth at extremely affordable prices.

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Platinum Dental Surgery
106, Aladelola Street, Ikosi, Ketu, Lagos
President/Founder: Dr Seun Ogundeji
Phone: +2348033738471