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Play on Saturdays: New Digital Guide Demonstrates How to Land a College Football Scholarship


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2012 -- Former college football player, Eric Nunlee, announces the launch of his acclaimed new digital recruiting guide for youth and high school athletes.

Play on Saturdays: How to Land a College Football Scholarship, addresses a student athlete’s opportunity to play college football without incurring enormous debt and the strain of student loans.

This comprehensive publication offers a step-by-step guide for navigating the recruiting process, allowing athletes to drastically enhance their chances of achieving the end goal of "playing on Saturdays.”

Nunlee's guide takes on many recruiting subjects: NCAA academic requirements; football camps; recruiting rules and violations; recruiting etiquette; online portfolios; highlight videos; and Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. “Gone are the days that coaches aggressively sought you -- you must actively research and find them in this internet age. Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube and now the same goes for athletes. The tools are easily available, free, and very powerful when used correctly," says Nunlee.

“Although academic achievement and athletic ability are important factors for coaches when scouting players, character is also under the microscope - now, more than ever. With social media making a teen's posts, pictures and video so transparent to the public, coaches are able to view a prospective recruit in a way never seen before. The information that athletes are inadvertently supplying can easily turn recruiters off, and cost them scholarships,” Nunlee explains.

The guide tackles this issue head-on, providing teens a plan of action to effectively clean up social profiles.

The author, a New York City based marketing consultant specializing in digital communications, introduces a modern approach to readers with the digital guide. Applying his unique expertise in communicating with today’s teen, he states, “Parents are too busy and teens are too distracted to focus on a 250 page book on recruiting. That’s simply too boring in 2012 and most likely tips will get lost and ultimately not applied. In the guide, the use of interactive links, charts, articles, resources and downloads is condensed to 36 pages, so a reader is not overwhelmed with all text-filled pages. More information is absorbed and actual results will happen when information is presented with a less-is-more approach.”

Earning a football scholarship in 1995 and subsequently a degree in Marketing from Western Michigan University, Nunlee maintains that the opportunity of a scholarship has the potential to change a young person’s life forever. "I know now that receiving a scholarship was actually the turning point in my life.Playing college football, I realized my childhood dream while also earning a degree,” he adds.

Play on Saturdays is available for instant download from PlayOnSaturdays.com for $59.00. It works on all tablets, laptops, desktops and smart phones. A 30% introductory savings can be applied with Coupon Code: SAVE30

About the Author: Eric Nunlee
Eric Nunlee entered the recruitment process, accidentally, in high school when a college recruiter saw him play well in a game he was scouting for an opposing team’s player. After having an accolade filled collegiate career as a four year starting cornerback at Western Michigan and attaining a degree in Marketing, Nunlee soon relocated to New York City to start his professional career.

An avid sports fan, he maintains many of the most talented high school players are watching, rather than playing in college, because they simply did not understand the recruiting process. That led him to write “Play on Saturdays."