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Playful, Imaginative New Children's Book Teaches Importance of Friendship

Written by Count Mark Corhan, ‘Snowball and Friends’ is a rollicking, colorful tale that follows an inquisitive little white bear and his playmates on a mysterious trip to the library. Children of all ages will be enthralled.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- As any parent knows, it’s difficult to entice children to read for themselves, especially when they’re used to Mom and Dad reading to them every night!

On the other hand, with the right book, it can be a snap.

Count Mark Corhan’s new release, ‘Snowball and Friends’ certainly fits the bill. With enchanting talking animals, a bear who just wants to learn to read and lessons on the meaning of true friendship, this tale is set to stand the test of time.


Snowball is a little white bear. He has good friends who are also little bears. They can converse with each other, and have human-like qualities. Snowball is an inspiration to his friends. He is very curious, and especially enjoys a visit to a library, with interesting results.

For the author, writing the book was about more than just sharing his work with the world – he was also anxious to share it with his family.

“I believe this is one for all generations – it’s so simple, spirited and full of heart,” says Corhan. “I’ll be thrilled to read it to my grandchildren, and I think it will be a lasting favorite.”

Continuing, “Teachers will also like it for social and emotional development – it’s a fantastic tool for teaching children about sharing, friends and getting along with others. It’s also a valuable lesson on how positive curiosity is – Snowball is an inquisitive little soul, and it serves him well.”

‘Snowball and Friends’ isn’t the end for this author, as Corhan is set to release “Favorite Stories from Snowball the Little White Bear” soon.

‘Snowball and Friends’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1cWr1av

About Count Mark Anthony Corhan
Count Mark Anthony Corhan has always been told to grow up. But, he doesn’t want to – because then he can’t have fun anymore!

Just like the children he write’s for, Corhan has many heroes who are fellow writers. He now hopes to use their inspiration to help children embrace their childhoods.

He has a second book in the works and plans for many more.