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Playlor! Arena Launches and Becomes the First and Only Indoor Corporate Team Building Facility


Pandan Gardens, Jurong -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- Playlor!, a provider of various corporate team building activities, has recently launched the Playlor! Arena, which has become the first and only indoor team building facility in Singapore. The Playlor! Arena has an area of 20,000 sq ft and comprises of many facilities such as free parking, lockers, showers, café, and air conditioning. The company offers various team building packages and also customizes the activities according to the business requirements.

Founder and CEO of Playlor!, Mr. Felix Sim, quoted on the importance of team building, “A lot of managers are first skeptical of team building and often feel that such activities will not benefit a company. However, the various businesses that have participated in corporate team building have seen a tremendous improvement amongst their employees. The activities through sports and challenges enable the employees to interact with each other in a completely different and friendly environment. Hence, this social event allows co-workers to be more open towards one another when they go back to work, which in turn increases the effectiveness and efficiency of a business. Another major factor of corporate sports is maintaining the health of all employees. Many studies have come up with astonishing statistics relating to the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst employees. One research states that every dollar spent on an employee’s health results in a return of up to six dollars. A health worker will also take less sick leaves and will be more active when talking up tasks.”

Playlor! has many packages for team building singapore activities. These packages include sports competitions, team-bonding events, fun challenges and also country getaways at exotic places such as a private island in Vietnam. Furthermore, a portfolio of previous team building activities is also available on the company’s website. Playlor! provides free quotes for customized packages or events.

Mr. Sim further quoted on the future of the Playlor! Arena, “Even though we are going to focus on corporate indoor team building activities, the size of the Arena itself allows us to use it in many ways. The Arena can be used for corporate events, product launches, celebrations, parties, trade shows, exhibitions and for many other occasions. The facilities and free parking make the Arena always ready for any type of event and we are also offering its use around the clock.”

About Playlor Pte Ltd
Playlor Pte Ltd is one of the leading companies in providing team building activities through sports and challenges. Playlor! Arena is a 20,000 sq ft indoor activity area which is operational 24 hours and has facilities such as air conditioning, lockers, showers, café and free parking. Through the company’s online platform,, the various packages offered, portfolio of past events and information regarding the estate can be viewed. The company is known for providing the first and only indoor team building facility, and for its fun and engaging team building programs.

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